Charles Owen Halo MIPS Helmet with Regular Brim - Navy Glossy with Rose Gold

Charles Owen has always enjoyed a strong reputation in the helmets space. They have a long tradition of producing helmets that meet stringent safety requirements. Charles Owen has taken a giant leap in helmet technology and comfort with 2 new MIPS ready helmet. Officially, these helmets arrive in April 2021. We are super excited to share this news with you, as lots of our customers have been eagerly awaiting a MIPS model from the major helmet manufacturers.

Welcome “Halo MIPS” and “Luna MIPS” helmets from Charles Owen

We are pleased to introduce the newest lines of MIPS ready helmets by Charles Owen. Before we delve into the specific features and differences of these 2 helmet models, let us first cover the common base.

  • Both “Halo” and “Luna” are MIPS ready
  • Both “Halo” and “Luna” are ASTM, SEI and PAS015 compliant.
  • Both “Halo” and “Luna” have removable and washable inner liners.
  • Both “Halo” and “Luna” are lightweight helmets with attractive design elements.

Now for the differences:

  • Halo is the higher end helmet, Luna is mid-end. Halo Pricing starts at $540, Luna starts at $275
  • Halo has the high end real soft non-allergic chin-strap, Luna comes with the regular chinstrap.
  • Halo features a leather application on the underside of the brim of the helmet

In short, we are super excited to be introducing this helmets. Not only has Charles Owen taken a huge leap in helmet design, it is also leading on the forefront of helmet safety by adding MIPS capability to all their helmets.

Why is “MIPS” important?

While MIPS is not a safety standard or rating, it serves as an additional layer to provide safety to the head. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. It provides added protection from angled impact to the head. Detailed information about MIPS can be obtained at

Halo Helmet Models (optionally with MIPS)

The following helmets are available from the Halo line .

Luna Helmet Models (optionally with MIPS)

Just like the Halo line, the Luna is available in regular/standard brim/peak as well as wide peak.

Get Ready to Ride Free and Safe with Charles Owen “Halo” and “Luna”

These 2 new models were introduced by Charles Owen at WEF 2020-2021 during 2 weeks in February. So dramatic was the response to these helmets, that they sold out of all their inventory. We are eagerly awaiting our order of these helmets. We are the first in the Americas to get these helmets. We want to hear from you. If you have any questions/comments, please write below in the comments.

UPDATE (APRIL 29, 2021)

We have been informed by Charles Owen that due to unprecedented demand, these new helmet models are now delayed until mid-June 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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