By now, you have seen riders wear airbag safety vests. More and more riders are wearing these vests. So the obvious question is: What about Show Jackets? In this post, we will go over all the possible options for show jackets. To be clear, we are going to cover options for show jackets that you can wear OVER your airbag safety vests.


Your existing non-airbag compatible show jackets CAN NOT be used over the airbag vest. The reason is that the fabric and construction of those jackets does not lend itself to inflation and deflation. That is why there is a new class of airbag-compatible show jackets.

What makes a show jacket compatible?

The “airbag-compatible” jackets are made of special fabric and threads to allow the inflation/deflation without damaging the airbag. The seams, the buttons etc are specially designed to work to allow the airbag to function without limiting its performance.

What if I use my existing non-compatible show jacket OVER the airbag vest?

The airbag vests are designed to inflate outward. Your existing non-compatible show jacket will probably rip open from the inflation process. Worse still, the airbag may not inflate fully. This creates a safety hazard.

Please be aware that unless a show jacket is marked as being “Airbag Compatible”, it should not be used.

Can I use my existing non-compatible show jacket UNDER the airbag vest?

Yes! That is the recommended route if you wish to use your show jacket in conjunction with the airbag vest.

Is the Show Jacket only usable once after inflation?

The airbag show jackets are designed for use with airbag safety vests repeatedly. However, please be sure to inspect your show jacket after every inflation. If there are rips or damage to the show jacket, we recommend you not use it again. The “Airbag Compatible” show jackets become part of the safety apparatus.

What other options are available for Airbag Compatible show clothing for Men?

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Freejump (Oscar and Gabrielle) for a full selection of airbag compatible clothing for women and men. This includes not just show jackets and vests, but also a full range of outerwear. We are talking about airbag compatible rain-jackets.


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