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Fior Da Liso Shirts – A Shirt for every occassion

Fior Da Liso Emma Shirt - Side View
UPDATED March 2017: The Fior Da Liso brand/collections have been discontinued and retired as of January 2017. Please direct all your questions directly to the Fior Da Liso website. We do not have any information or details on specific models or on the brand in general.

Is it possible to fall in love with a shirt? Customers that have purchased any of the Fior Da Liso Shirts have answered in the affirmative to that question. In fact, these shirts are so popular you are likely to see someone wearing it at the show grounds.

These shirts are breathtakingly gorgeous and offer a flattering fit. What started out as a small venture has now expanded to a separate market of itself. That is correct. Between WEF 2014 and AGDF 2014, these shirts were the most popular selling single product.

Fior Da Liso is an Italian flower, hence the flowery patterns of the shirts. The shirts are versatile and present a fresh, unique look. The shirts fit great, the patterns are so unique. It is like wearing a custom shirt. When you walk out wearing a Fior Da Liso Shirt, you exude confidence and style. With so many attractive designs to pick from, it can be hard to just pick one. That is why, women often elect to buy atleast 3 of these shirts. There are about 50-75 different patterns, styles and colors to pick from. The same shirt looks drastically different when the colors are changed. One example of this is the Emma shirt. It comes in a vertical striped pattern on a white base. The cuffs are adorned with beautifully contrasting flowery pattern. The Emma shirt comes in either the Diva Blue Stripe or the Brown Stripe.

Size Chart

Here is a size chart to help you determine your size in these shirts.





A Shirt for every day of the week

Fior Da Liso has so many gorgeous shirts, it is easy to find one that fits your taste and style. All the shirts are classy and elegant.


Similarly, the Sara II shirt is a basic White background shirt. Its different variations include the White WaterFall or the Red Chili. The matching elbow patches also feature a pair of butterflies for a fun effect.

Fior Da Liso Sara Shirt with Arm Patch
Fior Da Liso Sara Shirt with Arm Patch


The Andrea II shirt has been a major hit this season. It comes in the Chilli Stripes or Vintage Denim Stripes. This shirt features a 2-button collar. The cuff also has two layers of fabric, a very helpful feature, since this keeps the cuff in place. The shirts are supposed to be worn mostly with the cuff up.


The Kyra II boasts a gorgeous pattern in pink checks. The cuff sports another beautiful floral. This is a perfect Spring shirt. For those of you that are check lovers, this is an absolute must-have.


Kyra Shirt from Fior Da Liso
Kyra From Fior Da Liso


The Emma II shirt is a new limited edition. This shirt is the antidote to boring. With beautiful alternate stripes in either Diva Blue or Brown, this is a sexy shirt. Whether you are a jeans girl or a skirt girl, this one will find a favorite spot in your closet.

Fior Da Liso Emma Shirt - Side View
Fior Da Liso Emma Shirt – Side View


Fior Da Liso Emma Shirt - Front View
Fior Da Liso Emma Shirt – Front View


The Arianna Shirt is another shirt with a beautiful vertical stripes pattern. The Arianna is a classic signature Fior Da Liso shirt. This shirt has long been a bestseller. It is easy to see why. The shirt features thin pin-stripes in light blue on a white base.


Weekend Shirts

The Raphaela and Tabea II shirts are perfect for weekend wear. Wear the Tabea II shirt and shine with the Swarovski crystals embedded inside the shirt.

Fior Da Liso Raphaela Shirt
Fior Da Liso Raphaela Shirt


Look stunning in the Fior Da Liso Tabea II Shirt
Fior Da Liso Tabea II Shirt
Fiod Da Liso Tabea II Shirt Cuff Close Up
Fiod Da Liso Tabea II Shirt Cuff Close Up


So there you have it. A shirt for every mood and occasion.

If you have one of these Fior Da Liso shirts, feel free to tell us which one is your favorite.  What do you wear it with?

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