So Allyn comes in all sweaty after her 40 minute ride in her long sleeves.

Dripping in sweat,desperately looking for something to protect her skin in this brutal Florida sun.

I can only suggest her my UV coated lightweight shirts shirts which are of course hard to keep in stock at this time of the year.

And i suggested her these sleeves which are new to market creation of Lauren & bobby who ride everyday in this Florida sun.

These sleeves are ultimate UV Protection which protects your arms from sunburn and aging caused by sun.It is breathable ,anti microbial fabric  moisture absorbent and fast dry.

Good thing it has non slip elastic bands located on top and bottom of the sleeves and is unisex -One size fits all.

Comes in white,black,pink and sky blue.

Put some water for cooler effect.

I know she will be back for more of those as charlene who can not be more thankful for these.

Only USD 25.95

Rider’s Sleeves





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