So you think how you are going to ride this summer when the temps are touching 90’s already!

Don’t you worry i found something which will keep you cool while riding!

No kidding these breeches are made of special fabric which keeps you cool and is moisture Wicking!

Super stretch Fabric and water repellent!

And trust me i have sold 1000’s of breeches in all these years to the wellington crowd!

And some of them are diehards not willing to change from their pikuers and cavallos.

But this one breech is changing those clients too. Presenting the Accademia Italiana Active Power Grip Breeches.

Here is Theresa please read what she has to say

“Hi Peter thank you for sending me the catalog I have a question the pants that I bought the blue ones are they active or Master I assume they are the power grip model please let me know so I can tell you which colors I would like also I love the blue pants they were very comfortable in the heat and I promise to take a picture next time I’m in them! thank you bye theresa

Accademia Italiana Active Power Grip Breeches
Accademia Italiana Active Power Grip Breeches



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