Animo Airbag Vest Machine Washable


  • Machine Washable Airbag Vest by Animo
  • Airbag Technology by Helite

Estimated Delivery Date: Monday 15th April


Extra Saddle Straps (OPTIONAL)

Extra Cartridges for Airbag Safety Jackets


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Finally, some revolutionary technology in airbag vests for equestrian use. Animo has emerged as a leader in this space by partnering with Helite.  This airbag vest is the perfect combination of Helite’s Airbag technology expertise and Animo’s style.

The result is something every rider has been waiting for: a washable airbag vest. The fabric outer of this vest makes it such that it hides the bulk of the airbag vest. The vest appears much more discreet than the standalone airbag vest.

Is This Airbag Vest Machine Washable?

YES! Please follow all instructions for washing.

What Kind Of Cartridge Do I Need?

You can use the existing Helite cartridges for your Animo airbag vest.

Covers Not Needed

You do not need to wear another layer of clothing over your airbag vest, since this has a fabric outer.

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