Kismet Long Sleeve Show Shirt “Eleonoire”


  • 1/2″ Cuff Sleeves
  • White Placket/Bib Design ideal for use with Airbag Vests
  • Made In Italy

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 6th March

Extra Extra Small


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Kismet UltraLight Perforated Ladies Long Sleeve Airbag Jacket Show Shirt with Bib Placket Design “Eleonore” follows the success of the simple perforated long and short sleeve. This shirt is top selling long sleeve show shirt.

The perforated light fabric allows for max airflow, making this ideal for hot days.

The “Airbag” Shirt

While the Elenore shirt is attractive in many ways, our goal is to provide a shirt that can be worn underneath the Airbag Safety Vests, so no show jacket is needed.

With 1/2″ cuffed sleeves and the white placket bib design, this shirt doubles up as show jacket when used in conjunction with the Airbag Safety Vests.  The shirt features an 1/4 length invisible concealed zipper. The crossover collar is just the right firmness making it ideal for competition use.

Now available in Black, Navy, Sand, White, Forest and Blue Print.

Made In USA.

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