BR Softy Leather Nylon Cord Easy-Slide Draw Reins “Norwich”


  • Nylon Cord Draw Reins
  • Softy Leather

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BR Softy Leather Nylon Cord Easy-Slide Draw Reins “Norwich” is everything draw reins should be. The nylon cord is has a smooth surface, allowing easy movement through the bit rings.

The rider held parts of the reins are made from softy leather that has no stiffness. The reins come with leather girth loop with D ring for easy attachment to the girth.


Cob: 0.95 m  (37 inches) webbing + 1.125 m (44 inches) cord = 2.075 m (4.15 m total length) Total length in inches : 163 inches (13 feet 7 inches).

Full: 1.3 m (51 inches)  webbing + 1.2 m (47 inches) cord = 2.5 m (5 m total length)  Total length in inches : 197 inches (16 feet 5 inches).

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