Classic Flat Leather Bridle Cheek Pieces


Estimated Delivery Date: Monday 29th July

Flat Leather Cheek Pieces 1/2″ Wide Brown and Black



These Classic Flat Leather Bridle Cheek Pieces fit into any compatible bridles. The cheek pieces are made from soft high quality leather.

These Cheek Pieces are part of the “Select and Mix” range from Schockemoehle Sports. The idea is to create your own bridle from individual pieces. You select your size of each size: Cob or Full Size.


Cob Size – 1/2″ wide, 9 3/4″ long

Full Size – 1/2″ wide, 10 3/4″ long

Schockemoehle Sports 2018 Show Jumping and Hunter Bridle Collection

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