Dada Sport Show Jacket “Carinjo” Airbag Compatible [SALE]


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  • Compatible with Helite Airbag ZipIn2
  • “Sensitive, second skin effect” Italian fabric

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 17th April



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Dada Sport Ladies Technical Show Jacket Airbag Safety Zip In Compatible “Carinjo” is the latest is airbag compatible show jackets.


Please note that this show jacket is airbag compatible with the following airbag safety zip-in vests:

  • Helite Zip In 1 (original 2-piece Airbag Safety Vest)
  • Helite Zip In 2 (latest standalone Airbag Safety Vest)
  • Freejump Zip Free (2020 and 2021 models)

Size Chart

Dada Sport Show Jackets - Size Chart
Dada Sport Show Jackets – Size Chart

Dada Sport has taken it a step further by streamlining the interface for the underlying safety vest. The opening for routing the saddle is small and discreet. The cartridge and sleeve are no longer visible. Additionally, the airflow is improved with the under-the-arm mesh fabric.

Size Tip

You can wear the jacket with or without the airbag safety vest. Without the airbag safety vest, select your usual size. With the airbag, please select one size larger than usual.

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