Double Layer Grip Reins Anti-Slip with Loops 5/8″ Wide


  • Double Layers with Ultra Grip
  • Brown and Black, 54″ Standard Size
  • Ultra Grip material ensures a secure grip

Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday 23rd April

54 inches/135 cm
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These double layer Anti-Slip reins are made from 2 layers. The reins are 5/8″ wide and 54″ (or 60″)  long. The ends are stainless steel. These double layer reins also have leather stoppers.

The double layer reins have loops to allow for better grip. This enables a more natural style of riding, in that your hands stay within the loops. There are a total of 5 loops on each rein, with leather stoppers separating adjacent loops. The ultra grip material ensures a secure non-slip grip.

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