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Equitaly GREEP Stirrups

$270.00 $189.99

  • made with aluminum anticorodal material
  • complete with ergonomic footplate with rotated teeth
  • extremely light, weighing only 370 grams

$270.00 $189.99

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Professional Craftsmanship

The Equitaly GREEP Stirrups are expertly formulated to enhance your athletic performance. These stirrups are crafted in Italy, designed with superior Italian style and craftsmanship. They are made with an aluminum anticorodal material that is both durable and wear-resistant to guarantee a lifetime of use.

These stirrup irons are also made with an ergonomic footplate that is designed to work with the shape of your body to maximize comfort and stability. This footplate is also complete with teeth that are rotated by 45 degrees. This innovative anti-slip technology is designed to provide you with a secure grip throughout your ride. The Equitaly GREEP Stirrups were also designed based on an in-depth study of balance and weight distribution. Therefore, the weight has been moved downwards to obtain a very balanced stirrup.

Lightweight Design

The Equitaly GREEP Stirrups weigh a mere 370 grams, which is less than 1 pound! These lightweight stirrups are easy to manage and are designed to enhance your ride without adding any unnecessary weight or bulk to your saddle.

Additional Attributes

The Equitaly GREEP Stirrups come in varying combinations of stirrup and footplate colors, including: black/silver, gold/silver, blue/silver, silver/black, gray/silver, red/silver, green/silver, orange /silver, silver/silver, smoky/silver, and gold/gold. With so many different options, you are sure to find the style that suits you! These stirrups also come in one standard size, designed to accommodate a wide range of athletes.

Experience the unique design and the superior quality of the Equitaly GREEP Stirrups! Get yours today!


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