Figure 8 Anatomical Padded Noseband “Rio Select”


  • Softly Padded Figure 8 Noseband
  • No Fleece/Fur
  • Anatomical Fit


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A revolutionary new design from Schockemoehle Sports: Figure 8 Anatomical Padded Noseband “Rio Select” is part of the new “Select and Mix” line from Schockemoehle Sports. This allows you to mix different sizes within parts of the bridle.

The “Build Your Own Bridle” concept is revolutionary and freeing at the same time. No longer are you forced to purchase a full bridle. If you need a Horse size headpiece but a cob sized Noseband, this will fit the bill!

Padding behind the rings and buckles eliminates any rubbing.

Why no fleece padded?

The centre padding is padded so gently that additional fleece padding is not needed. It is designed to sit on the bridge of the nose, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Additional information

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