Freejump Stirrup Leathers Single Strap 4×6


  • Single Strap Stirrup Leathers
  • 4 Points of attachment to stirrup bars on the saddle
  • 6 Precision Attachment Holes

Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday 28th May



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Innovation delivered by Freejump once again! These wide stirrup leathers are called “4 x 6” for the following reason:

  • 4 Positions with the stirrup bars on the saddle
  • 6 precision Adjustment holes

No more bulk from the buckle to bother your riding.


These stirrrups are compatible with all stirrups (no matter what brand) including all the models of the Freejump Stirrups (Freejump Soft Up Pro Plus, Freejump Soft Up, Freejump Soft Up Classic, Freejump Soft Up Lite Children’s stirrups, Freejump AIR’s Stirrups).

Size Chart

Freejump Single Strap Leathers -Size Chart
Freejump Single Strap Leathers -Size Chart

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