Mandtis Spur Bases shown with Spur Tips

Tired of lugging around 10 pairs of Spurs? The answer is Mandtis Interchangeable Spurs. These spurs liberate you and lighten you. We mean literally as well. Mandtis presents the  latest innovation in spur technology.

Mandtis Interchangeable Spur system enables you to have as many different spurs as you want, but still be light. Here is how it works, the Spur Tips attach to the Spurs via a Magnetic system. You buy one pair of Spurs. This is a complete set of Spurs. It comes included with  7 to 8 pair of Spur Tips, along with one pair of Spurs.

Mandtis : One Spur, Many Horses

Anytime, you need a different kind of spur, all you do is swap out the spur-tip . Voila! You have a different spur. Want yet another spur? Detach the existing tip, attach the new tip. Simple as that! Let us just say changing spurs is a snap now. This is an ideal setup for those riding multiple horses everyday or those that own several horses/ponies requiring different spurs. It is also helpful in situations where you would like to try a different spur to judge the horse’s response.  Even those competing in different disciplines, for example

Mandtis Spur Bases shown with Spur Tips
Mandtis Spur Bases shown with Spur Tips


The spur tips connect to the spurs via a Magnetic system. The attachment system is strong and durable. Your spurs will remain attached. A sufficient amount of force is required to detach the spur tips. The ends have to be pulled straight out. Pulling/pushing in any other direction will not detach the spurs.


Save Time, Save Money

Buying Spurs can wear down your wallet quickly. With the Mandtis Spur Set, you buy the entire Spur Set at one time. Each Spur Set contains 1 Pair of Spurs, 8 different types of Spur Tips, 1 Pair of Leather Spur Straps, 1 Pair of Silicone (Anti-Slip) Spur Protectors.


No More Slipping Spurs

The silicone spur protectors that slide over the Spurs provide anti-slip grip. Another benefit is relief to aching ankles from the pressure of the spurs. The silicone provides protection for your boots and also enables a non-slipping grip. No more sliding spurs.



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