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Why You Should Choose Secchiari


The Secchiari boot company is a family owned business, which means their reputation and pride is represented in their company’s products.  In 1950, Stivaleria Secchiari was founded by Alfredo and Emilia Secchiari in Le Marche, Italy. With almost 70 years of experience, from 3 generations, they have mastered the art of boot making. Today, they still use the traditional marksmanship with the highest quality of leather. This makes Secchiari a top pick for equestrians around the world.

Logo Secchiari Italian Boots
Logo Secchiari Italian Boots

No. 1 Quality

Stivaleria Secchiari prides itself on the quality and durability of the leather that they use in their Italian boots. They hand pick out the leather they use in all the boots and accessories in Tuscany, Italy to ensure it’s to the highest of standards. Secchiari’s have a softer feel than most boots allowing you to keep close contact with your horse while being extremely durable. The soles of the boots and shoes are hand sewn and glued on. This makes the soles last longer compared to other companies which just use one method. The boots are more form fitting compared to others allowing for minimal “breaking in” time. They also have an elastic hidden along the zipper which gives the boot extra stretch for a perfect fit. These two features combined reduces the amount of wrinkles in the leather giving you a sleek, professional look. 

Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic
Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic

No. 2 Options

Secchiari has a variety of “off the shelf” options from short boots and chaps to dress boots. Some of the featured tall boot models that they offer include the Zues which is a men’s showjumping model featuring a fancy stitching on the front. They also have this model in womens, Athena. Another jumping boot they offer is their field boot with laces. Their most popular dressage model is Roma, which is a sleek design featuring the hidden elastic, a rigid leather on the outer part of the boot but a soft leather inside.  

The short boots and chaps that they offer are beautifully crafted to give you the look of a tall boot. The most popular short boots are similar in style to the Zues and Athena. With a fancy stitching design on the front with elastic on each side of the zippers, comfort, quality and durability are wrapped into one. They offer this short boot in both men’s and women’s. These short boots are designed with a snap on half chap made with soft and durable leather offering a reinforced inside. These half chaps and boots are made with the highest quality calfskin allowing for almost no break in time. They also offer the chaps and boots in a more simple and classic design. 

Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic - Black
Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic – Black

No. 3 Custom Orders

The options are endless when it comes to the customization of Secchiari boots. They offer an abundant amount of colors from patent to antique finish, with tons of ways to customize from the toe to the crown. Secchiari bootmakers will create your customized dream boots. One custom model offered is the Columbian Luxury Leather Top. This boot features your choice of boot color, toe and heel color and the option for front laces. Tack N Rider also provides customized measurements to have a boot that fits like a glove and looks anyway you’d like. The best part about a custom Secchiari boot is that it only takes 6 – 8 weeks for delivery. Compared to other companies which have a wait time of up to 6 months.

Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots - Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel
Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots – Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel


Overall, Stivaleria Secchiari is unique and elite. This traditional family owned company offers the best craftsmanship, quality, and versatility and it is at the forefront of bootmakers for equestrians around the globe. 

Secchiari Athena Black
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Express your individuality with Custom Shock Absorbing Stirrups by Flex On

Flex On Green Composite Stirrups - Black with Pink Elastomers

We all dress differently. We like different colors and styles. That reflects in our choices of clothing, boots, helmets, show jackets, show shirts. If you have ever wondered about custom stirrups, your quest has just ended.

Read about our custom offerings

Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci

Samshield Custom Helmet Designer

Custom Dressage Shadbelly

Customize your Stirrups

Today, we announce the Custom Shock Absorbing Stirrups by Flex On. Flex On has been producing the shock absorbing stirrups for about 3 years. During these 3 years, the stirrups have gained a solid following. From professionals to amateurs, adults to junior riders, the customers are raving about how the stirrups help keep their feet in the right position.

The biggest benefit of the stirrups is for those that have any knee, back, ankles or lower leg pain. If you suffer from any after pain from riding, this stirrups may help you tremendously. They are designed to absorb the shock instead of letting it travel to your lower body. The pain usually emanates from that shock.

We can now offer you full control over the design of your stirrups. You can select the color of the frame, then select the footboard (incline or flat, regular grip or ultra grip), color of the elastomers (shock absorbing bulbs). To top it off, you can select flags or colors for the magnetic sticker inserts that attach to the top of your stirrups.

Now you longer have to guess or fear what your custom stirrups will look like when they arrive. Thanks to our Custom Flex On Stirrup Designer, you can visualize your custom stirrups prior to ordering.

Custom Flex On Stirrups Designer

4 Steps to Customize your Flex On Stirrups

Step 1.

Select the Color of the Frame.

Step 2.

Select the Footrest

Step 3.

Select the Tread

Step 4.

Select the  color of Shock Absorbers

Step 5.

Select the Personalization Stickers. You have choice of different flags (show your national pride) or colored patterns. Download this PDF to see all the possible colors and flags.


Examples of Customization

We have done quite a few of these custom stirrups for our customers. Here is a gallery so you can draw inspiration.

Black with Pink Elastomers, Inclined Ultra Grip

Blue with Green Elastomers, Inclined Grip

Black with Green Elastomers and Inclined Ultra Grip

Orange with Black Elastomers, Inclined Ultra Grip

Let us know what you would design for your custom stirrups. Show us your favorite stirrup colors. How would you design your stirrups to match the rest of your gear?

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Dress up your Samshield Helmet with The Swarovski Shield Top

Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option

Samshield introduces yet another exciting way to personalize your custom helmet. Now, you can add the iconic Samshield logo on the back of your custom Samshield Helmet. Click here for the Custom Samshield Helmet Designer tool to start creating your own helmet. If you need inspiration or ideas, check out the gallery of custom Samshield Helmets.

Please note that this option is available on both the Shadow Matte Helmets as well as the Premium Alcantara Helmets. However, please be aware that this option is limited to only those helmets where the top option is Alcantara.

Here are a few examples of what the new option will look like

Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option
Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option in Black/White

Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option
Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option in Blue White


Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option
Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option in Red/Blue/White

Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option
Samshield Custom helmet with Shield Swarovski Option in Gold