Freejump Liberty Boots EVO-lution

Pair of Liberty XC EVO Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots

In an earlier post, I had explained why Freejump has been successful. A big part of this success comes from their relentless desire to innovate. No other boot maker has accomplished so much success. By success, I do not mean just volumes of sales. At the end of the day, riders determine the success of …

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Canvas Riding Boots – Freejump Innovation

Freejump Canvas Riding Boots

Trust Freejump to continue innovating. When most boot companies settle after their products have become successful, Freejump constantly innovates. From their disruptive Fly One boots to Freejump Liberty Boots and now Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots, they continue to design and produce exciting changes to their line-up. Who would have imagined canvas riding boots? Although a …

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How To Measure for Freejump Half Chaps

Freejump has made a big splash at this year’s WEF circuit (WEF 2014).  The Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups were sold out three separate times during the 12 week circuit. However, the Freejump Liberty XC Boots and Freejump Liberty Boots, were immensely popular among the WEF crowd. A lot of riders came in asking for …

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Safety Comes First!

I remember reading a story to my kids when they are young. Baby Disney Character is crossing the road in a hurry to play in park without looking on the sides! And the mother Disney Character  teaches the kids Safety Comes first! Same is with horse riding and the most important  part is  safety Stirrups. …

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