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Freejump Liberty Boots EVO-lution

Pair of Liberty XC EVO Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots

In an earlier post, I had explained why Freejump has been successful. A big part of this success comes from their relentless desire to innovate. No other boot maker has accomplished so much success. By success, I do not mean just volumes of sales. At the end of the day, riders determine the success of a boot. The rider alone can determine if the boot is comfortable and good fit.

At TACKNRIDER, we believe in listening to what our customers have to say. Customers’ feedback measures whether a product delivers on its promise. Here is a sampling of direct feedback collected from all our customers in Wellington, FL

  • “The most comfortable riding boots”
  • “I have an ankle issue that gets exacerbated by riding in tall boots. Freejump Liberty Boots was the answer to all my ankle trouble. My only regret is not switching to Freejump sooner”
  • “We usually ride 7 to 10 horses a day for hours during the hot South Florida summers. Freejump Liberty XC boots have not only lasted longer but they are the most comfortable and well-fitted boots.”
Pair of Liberty XC EVO Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots
Pair of Liberty XC EVO Chaps shown with Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots


To say that Freejump accomplished this success by accident is untrue. Take one look at the Freejump Liberty Boots and Chaps. It will give you an understanding of the Research and Development (R&D) behind this innovative system. Freejump designed these boots with the dynamics of the human foot in mind. The shape of the foot, pressure points etc are factors to create a boot that fits like custom boots.

A Boot For Everyday Riding (and competition use) : Liberty XC EVO

It is important to separate boots for everyday riding and those for showing/competition use. When you use just the one pair of show boots everyday, they will wear out much faster (regardless of how well made they are). This is true in general. Especially true for boots. Most riding boots are constructed from natural leather. Leather is hide, after all. It wears with repeated use. It must be allowed to breathe between uses.

Freejump Liberty XC EVO presents an EVOlutionary approach to boots. Freejump Liberty XC EVO boots are comfortable and well fitting. Without changing the comfort and fit, Freejump has improved upon the design. The Liberty XC Evo (and its show cousin, Liberty Air Evo) boots feature better foot support. The boots have a suede leather tongue with shaping elbows. This enables extra comfort. The centralized elastic “strapping” supports your foot. It enables better positioning. The end result is a better posture.

Freejump Liberty XC Evo - Brown
Freejump Liberty XC Evo – Brown


Liberty XC EVO Black Boots
Liberty XC EVO Black Boots

Also, these boots include a 3D-shaped insole. The insole enables leg and foot alignment with the heel. It conforms to the natural shape of the foot. It absorbs the pressure and protects the base of your foot.

Little details matter. This is evident in the design of these boots. With incremental improvements, Freejump achieves big strides in riding boots technology.


The Liberty XC EVO Boots are compatible with the Liberty XC EVO Mini Chaps. They can be combined with the Freejump Liberty XC EVO mini chaps to make a tall boot system.

With Freejump Liberty XC Evo, you get the best of both worlds. The look of tall boots without the stiffness, without the wrinkles.



Freejump Liberty XC EVO Boots and EVO Mini Chaps are available at the TACKNRIDER store as well as the TACKNRIDER WEF trailer.


How to Measure for Freejump Boots and Chaps

Freejump – Revolution in Show Jumping Boots

Canvas Riding Boots by Freejump


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Canvas Riding Boots – Freejump Innovation

Freejump Canvas Riding Boots

Trust Freejump to continue innovating. When most boot companies settle after their products have become successful, Freejump constantly innovates. From their disruptive Fly One boots to Freejump Liberty Boots and now Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots, they continue to design and produce exciting changes to their line-up.

Freejump Canvas Riding Boots
Freejump Canvas Riding Boots
Freejump Liberty Canvas Chaps shown with Boots
Freejump Liberty Canvas Chaps shown with Boots

Who would have imagined canvas riding boots? Although a relatively new entrant to the riding boots market, Freejump has established itself as the leader by constant innovation. Look around, all the other riding boots look and feel exactly like riding boots from 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. Mostly, they look stiff and uncomfortable. The sport of show jumping is a high-speed sport, which requires agility. How do you get an edge with the same old equipment ? We know the usual answers: make the boot lighter, make it from softer leather and so on.

Freejump Canvas Riding Boots
Freejump Canvas Riding Boots


The Liberty Canvas Boots can be combined with the Freejump Liberty Canvas Chaps for use as tall boots. They can also be worn just as paddock boots.

Canvas and Leather

The Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots are riding boots with a twist. They are modeled after the very popular Freejump Liberty XC Boots. The twist is here is that a part of the shoe upper is made from actual canvas. Note that not all of the boot is made from Canvas. The toe box area and the the entire upper area which makes contact with the sole is made from suede leather. The canvas provides the boots with softness and reduces the weight of the boots significantly.


Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots - shown with Freejump Canvas Chaps
Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots – shown with Freejump Canvas Chaps

The Canvas Boots also substitute laces for zipper. Two reasons: Laces look more cooler on Canvas Boots than a zipper and secondly, laces provide a more custom and secure fit.

Note also that the Freejump Canvas Boots are uni-sex, just like all other Freejump riding boots.

The Freejump Liberty Canvas boots were produced by Freejump exclusively for FEI officials during the World Equestrian Games (WEG) 2014 in Normandy, France. Notice the French flag at the shoe laces. However, they became so popular that Freejump decided to extend these to the general riding public as well.

Freejump Liberty Canvas Boots are a limited time model. As it stands currently, we only have limited sizes in stock and more will be arriving in March 2015. ?These boots combine the best comfort and handsome looks. Do not wait…these boots are in extremely short supply. We only have 1 boot in each size, so order yours now.

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How To Measure for Freejump Half Chaps

Freejump has made a big splash at this year’s WEF circuit (WEF 2014).  The Freejump Soft Up Pro Stirrups were sold out three separate times during the 12 week circuit. However, the Freejump Liberty XC Boots and Freejump Liberty Boots, were immensely popular among the WEF crowd. A lot of riders came in asking for Freejump specifically, anxiously hoping that we would be able to fit them in Freejump Boots and Chaps. Then, there were a few other riders that referred to the Freejump Boots as the “dragonfly” boots, attributed to the Freejump Logo.

Not only were we able to fit eveyyone, the riders were so pleased with the comfort and appearance of the boots, they walked out to ride straight. There are 16 different sizes available in the Chaps. When it comes to comfort, appearance and wear, there is only one brand of riding boots that excels: Freejump. It truly is an “advanced riding experience“, where the boots feel as comfortable as a “second skin”. That is why, our assertion of “you will not return to tall boots, once you try Freejump”, stands correct.

How To Measure for Freejump Half Chaps

To help those who are still on the fence about Freejump or were not able to get them this circuit, this blog post covers the method of how to measure for Freejump Boots and Chaps. Essentially, there are really two measurements: Height (Schema 1) and Calf (Schema 2).

The picture below shows how to measure yourself for Freejump Chaps. The instructions apply for both Liberty XC and Liberty Air Chaps.

Freejump Chaps Size Chart
2 measurements: Calf and Height of Knee


As you can see from the above illustration, your leg needs to be bent at a 90 degree angle (riding position) for measuring the calf. For the Height measure, bend your knee just a bit. Make sure you are wearing the breeches and socks that you normally wear for riding.

Keep in mind that the above table uses Centimeters (cm). You can measure in Inches or CM. The conversion for Inches to Conversion is a factor of 2.54.

Freejump Sizes Explained

The first letter(s) of the Freejump Size Code refers to the Calf Size fit. The last letter (either “S” for Short or “T” for Tall) optionally refers to the Height Size fit.

XXS – Extra Extra Small

XXST – Extra Extra Small Tall

XS – Extra Small

XST – Extra Small Tall

SS – Small Short

S – Small

ST – Small Tall

MS – Medium Short

MT – Medium Tall

LS – Large Short

L – Large

LT – Large Tall

XLS – Extra Large Short

XL – Extra Large

XXL – Extra Extra Large


So for example, if you measured the Height to be 19 inches, it will be 48.26 cm. Assuming that your calf measures 35 cm, size M (Medium) will be a good fit for you.

If you still have questions after following this procedure or need to confirm your measurements, feel free to Contact Us. We are here to help!

Coming soon….a video guide that shows how to measure for Freejump Half Chaps.

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Safety Comes First!

Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro
Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro

I remember reading a story to my kids when they are young.

Baby Disney Character is crossing the road in a hurry to play in park without looking on the sides!

And the mother Disney Character  teaches the kids Safety Comes first!

Same is with horse riding and the most important  part is  safety Stirrups.

What happens if god forbid your mount spooks and you need to get out?

Will a regular stirrup help if you get stuck?

That is where Yann Dubuorg from the land of fine wines in Bordeaux,France  came up with the idea of Freejump Soft’Up stirrup which can helps rider free the foot  if needed.

A must for every rider!

And please compare it to the safety stirrup with a rubber band in and you will notice a considerable difference in the style.

FreeJump Stirrups also have extra wide tread made special material which gives a great grip which is needed to keep the foot on the stirrup  if you have a problem of holding foot on regular stirrup.

Open Eye for fastening  the freejump stirrup leather with 45 degree angled eye for  a perfect foot position.

And to top it off it has a tempered spring steel single branch which provides extra mechanical resistance.

So please do not take chances when riding for your saftey ,performance,comfort and reliability please use freejump soft’up stirrup.


Freejump Stirrups in Blue, Black, Brown, Vanilla, Purple, Red
Freejump Stirrups in Blue, Black, Brown, Vanilla, Purple, Red