Express your individuality with Custom Shock Absorbing Stirrups by Flex On

Flex On Green Composite Stirrups - Black with Pink Elastomers

We all dress differently. We like different colors and styles. That reflects in our choices of clothing, boots, helmets, show jackets, show shirts. If you have ever wondered about custom stirrups, your quest has just ended. Read about our custom offerings Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci Samshield Custom Helmet Designer Custom Dressage Shadbelly Customize your …

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Safety Comes First!

I remember reading a story to my kids when they are young. Baby Disney Character is crossing the road in a hurry to play in park without looking on the sides! And the mother Disney Character  teaches the kids Safety Comes first! Same is with horse riding and the most important  part is  safety Stirrups. …

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