During the last few years, we have seen how specialized apparel has become a large part of the riding gear. While the effects of wearing properly fitted, comfortable breeches are well known, not many people think the big role played by riding socks.

On the outset, it would appear that you can just wear about any socks for riding. Any kind of athletic socks can be used, maybe? Not so, say the riding experts. Proper socks are important for many reasons, chiefly perspiration and breath-ability.  Most riders wear their socks all day long, from getting ready to ride in the morning until the day is over. It becomes very important, then, to ensure these socks are well-fitting, comfortable, and anti-bacterial. Another important point is to make sure the socks are shaped anatomically in order to avoid excessive friction and blisters.

Among the contenders at the high end of riding socks spectrum are the Equiline Technical Socks, Freejump Technical Socks, Schockemohle Socks Pack, Kingsland Technical Socks.

Here is the table to show a direct comparison between them:

Equiline Technical Socks Freejump Technical Socks Schockemohle Socks Pack Kingsland Technical Socks
Individual Pack Individual Pack 3-pack 3-pack
$46.95 $24.95 $29.95/pack of 3 $49.95/pack of 3
Left and Right Left and Right Identical Identical
  • 80% Polypropilene,
  • 18% Nylon,
  • 2% Elastane
  • 60% Meryl SkinLife
  • 37% Polyamide
  • 3% Elastan
  • 90% nylon,
  • 10% spandex
  • 60% Nylon
  • 40% Cotton
Machine Washable Machine Washable Machine Washable Machine Washable
3 sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 3 sizes: S (36-38), M (39-42), L (43-46) One Size (super stretch) 3 sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46
Navy Blue, Black Black/Grey 3 pack contains one each of Black, Navy and Brown Black, Navy, Brown


Equiline Silver Socks Left and Right Fit
Equiline Silver Socks Left and Right Fit



Freejump Technical Socks
Freejump Socks – Left and Right Fit


Schockemohle Socks 3 Pack
Schockemohle Socks 3 Pack


Kingsland Classic Riding Socks
Kingsland Classic Riding Socks


One of the most notable features of riding socks is the individual left and right socks. i.e. the socks for your left and right foot are shaped differently. Once you wear these socks, you will not go back to wearing same side socks again. The fit is perfect on these socks.

Another feature is the ability to fight bacteria and perspiration. Your feet are hidden all day from the sun and wind, thereby limiting the air flow needed. In closed hot spaces, bacteria tend to flourish. That is why the Freejump Technical Socks are made from special Meryl SkinLife anti-bacterial fabric. The Equiline Socks have Silver ions embedded within the socks for the same purpose.

So the next time you go shopping for socks, keep these points in mind. For more information, here are the links for each of these technical socks:

Equiline Technical Socks with Silver Ions

Freejump Technical Socks

Schockemohle Socks Pack

Kingsland Technical Socks



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