Customize your existing Samshield Helmet

Innovation is a buzz word that is thrown around, often to mean to invent something new. That new gizmo may not be useful at all to the audience. Among the riding community, innovation is defined as equipment and/or service that solves a problem.

Maybe a problem with buying a new helmet and regretting the way it looks (or does not look)? You love your helmet because of the safety it provides, then you see someone else with a similar helmet. Their helmet is personalized and looks so much more exciting. It has the jazzy red trim or the 5 frontal Swarovski crystals or maybe even a logo/flag.

What if you can take your existing helmet and turn into something more personalized? Now you can do that with our help. Innovation that is useful has become the hallmark of our partnership with Samshield.

Never too late to customize your helmet 

Introducing the Samshield After Sales Service Program. With the help of this program, you can change the appearance of your helmet. Please note that this program is limited to Samshield Premium Helmets only. It does NOT apply to Samshield Shadow Matte Helmets. Here is how it works:

  1. Only Samshield Premium Helmets (Alcantara) can be customized.
  2. Your helmet must not be damaged. If the helmet has been damaged, it is not eligible.
  3. You must have purchased the helmet within the last year.
  4. Once you fill out the form below, we will get in touch with you.

Send us your questions

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Use our Samshield Custom Helmet Designer tool

The best part about this design process is that you can see (not imagine) what the final helmet will look like. To that end, you can use the Samshield Helmet Designer. Once done, click on the “Ask for a Quote” button. We will get in touch with you within the hour.

Looking for ideas?

Check out our gallery of Custom Samshield Helmets for inspiration. These are all designed by our customers from this past season. The delight on their faces was evident when they saw their creation come to life. All the customers agreed their helmets looked

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text us at 561-228-8883. We are always glad to help.

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