Equestrian Safety First : Why It Matters?

Freejump Equestrian Airbag Safety Vest "Zip'In 2" Standalone

There has recently been a spat of random accidents of horse riding. Fortunately, most of these incidents have been trivial. The sport of horse riding (show jumping in particular) has become faster with better horses and better riding ability in general. The bar is being raised constantly. Add to that, the complexity of the variations …

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KASK Equestrian Helmets: What’s new for 2018

KASK Dogma Star Lady - Anthracite

The objective of this post is to educate the equestrian/rider community on what has changed in the KASK equestrian helmets starting 2018. We hope this will answer all your questions about KASK Equestrian Helmets. KASK made a big splash in the equestrian scene with the launch of 3 helmet models for the equestrian market. The …

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Top Ten Equestrian Holiday Gifts for 2017

In keeping with our annual holiday tradition, we are pleased to present the 3rd successive version of this list. The list contains ideas for gift giving for this holiday season. We pride ourselves on bringing the most innovative products (whether it be helmets, spurs, clothing, boots or other riding gear). There are ideas for both …

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