Kismet Schooling Shirt Turtleneck "Alexa" - Royal Blue

We are updating this post for 2022! Sorry, we are a bit late, but better late than never. Just like helmets, the “airbags” are essential for safety. For all things equestrian, safety can not be over-stressed. With that in mind, we present to you, the 2022 version of our Holiday Gift Guide for Equestrians.

  1. Kismet UV Schooling Shirt “Alexa” Long sleeve Turtleneck

Our customers have been asking for a simple long sleeve shirt with full UV Protection, from the neck to the thumbs. So here you have it, the #1 selling shirt after being launched only 2 weeks! Guess what else makes this shirt so good? We are proud to have our first equestrian clothing piece Made In USA.

2. Helite Zip In 2 Airbag Vest

Safety, Safety and Safety! Especially, when you have a product that is proven to protect you. We have been selling the Helite Airbag vest for 2 years now.

3. KISMET Show Jumping Breeches “Tammy”

When we launched our in-house brand “Kismet” 2 years ago, we had no expectations. We just worked on it one piece at a time. We incorporated your feedback, the riders that use the pants everyday (not some designers that have never ridden). That is why the “Tammy” breech has become the most popular here in Wellington. It is now available in 8 different colors.

4. KISMET Breeches “Rui” Show Jumping

After the incrediable and unprecedented success of the original “Tammy” model, you asked for a model of pants with back pockets. So, “Rui” was born. Made from the same light fabric and similar fit as the “Tammy” model, the “Rui” sports 2 flap back pockets.

Why limit yourself to just Black and Navy? Just like Tammy, we have the “Rui” breeches in Beige, White, Black, Navy, Grey, Nightshade, Moss, Mahogany.

5. Dada Sport Technical Sweat Shirt Horse Themed “Chalou”

Looking for a tasteful gift without going overboard? Here is an idea: The Dada Sport Technical Sweat Shirt/Sweater is horse themed.

6. Technical Riding Socks by Dada Sport

Not sure what to get for your rider friend? These socks are a rider’s BFF!

7. Dada Sport Airbag Vest Cover “Django”

New for the 2022-2023 circuit, we present the new airbag vest cover. Slightly more feminine than its pre-decessors, this vest cover is light, washable and sports a deeper neckline.

8. KISMET Long Sleeve Show Shirt “Eleonoire”

For the second time in a row, this shirt has found itself on this list. Not without reason. It is ultra lightweight. No logos, no crystals. Just pure performance. New for 2022-2023, we are introducing 3 new colors (Forest, Sand and Blue Print) in addition to Black and Navy.

9. Miss XJ Helmets LE Matt Trim by Samshield

The LE (Limited Edition) line of the matt trim helmets was so successful, Samshield is now introducing it in their Carbon Fiber Helmets. All the LE Carbon Fiber Helmet now come with full matt trims (including the regular brim as well has the wide brim “Miss” versions). Add to that, the glossy version comes with the option of frontal Swarovski Crystals as well. Do not wait to buy these helmets, as they will be gone soon. If you want something different and unique, this is the helmet for you!


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