Equestrian Holiday Gift Ideas 2021 Edition

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Phew!! 2021 is about to end. We are excited about the upcoming WEF 2021-2022 circuit. It has been a busy summer. We have seen a tremendous interest in all things “airbag”. It is all about Safety. Just like helmets, the “airbags” are essential for safety. For all things equestrian, safety can not be over-stressed. With that in mind, we present to you, the 2021 version of our Holiday Gift Guide for Equestrians.

  1. Freejump Airbag 2021 Vest NF Safety Certified

How do you make an excellent product even better?

2. Helite Zip In 2 Airbag Vest

Safety, Safety and Safety! Especially, when you have a product that is proven to protect you. We have been selling the Helite Airbag vest for 2 years now.

3. KISMET Ultra Light High Waisted Show Jumping Breeches “Chante”

Simple, classic and functional. This one checks all the boxes. You have been asking for high waisted breeches in a lighter fabric. We have got them for you! This has quickly become our #1 bestselling riding pants. Super Comfy and Stretchy at the same time. We have them in 6 different colors!

4. KISMET Ladies Light Regular Rise Show Jumping Breeches “Tammy”

You spoke, we listened. You wanted a regular rise pair of riding pants that comfortable and stylish, while at the same, affordable. The “Tammy” riding breeches checks all those boxes. Launched in mid-2021, this has quickly become a favorite for our Wellington clientele. Priced at just $159, these pants are literally flying off the shelves. Make no mistake, “Tammy” gives other higher priced pants a serious run.

Why limit yourself to just Black and Navy? These pants are going to be available in Steel Blue, Moss, Anthracite and Rust colors soon!

5. Dada Sport Technical Sweat Shirt Horse Themed “Chalou”

Looking for a tasteful gift without going overboard? Here is an idea: The Dada Sport Technical Sweat Shirt/Sweater is horse themed.

6. Technical Riding Socks by Dada Sport

Not sure what to get for your rider friend? These socks are a rider’s BFF!

7. Lightweight Breathable Cover Vest For Your Airbag Vest by Dada Sport

Dada Sport has been on the forefront of producing beautiful airbag-compatible clothing. This cover serves 2 very important purposes: Protects your airbag vest from everyday use scuffs and marks, Makes the airbag seem almost invisible

8. Show Shirt that doubles up as a Show Jacket

Following in the same vein as Dada Sports, Kismet has introduced this beautiful lightweight shirt that is designed for use with Airbag vests. With this shirt, it will appear as if you have a show jacket on even when you do not. This has been a quick favorite of all our customers. Made In Italy, this shirt is lightweight and extremely breathable.

9. Miss Shield Matt Trim Helmet Collection by Samshield (Limited Edition)

Back by popular demand, this helmet combines elegance, beauty and safety all in one. There are several trims/versions of this helmet, we present below. If you are in the market for a new Miss Shield helmet, you will not go wrong with this one. Keep in mind its a limited edition, so quantities are extremely limited. All the helmets in this collection are available in Black as well as Navy.

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