Children’s Airbag Safety Vests : A Guide

Airbag Safety Vests for adults are nothing new. There are quite a few choices available on the market. What has been missing (up until now) is airbag safety vests designed exclusively for children. In this post, we will cover the available choices for children’s airbag safety vests. By the time you complete this article, you will be well prepared to select the appropriate airbag safety vest for your junior rider. So lets jump in!

There is a reason why we have picked the new AllShot Children’s “SAFE KID” model as our top choice. First and most importantly, this is the only vest that is designed exclusively for children. The other vests (from Helite, Seaver, Freejump) can be fitted to children, but it is identical to the adult model. Why is this important? Couple of reasons:

  1. First, the AllShot “SAFE KID” vest has a minimum weight requirement of just 40 lbs (versus 77 lbs for Helite, Seaver and Freejump vests).
  2. Second, the “SAFE KID” vest is sized only for children. Children are built different than adults, so expecting an adult vest to fit kids is un-reasonable. The cut of the “SAFE KID” vest is much better suited to a child’s body than an adult.

The Helite Zip In 2 is the industry standard for airbag vests. Their new size “Child Medium” now fits quite a few teenagers (and tweens) as well as petite adults. The new size is identical to the original vest , down to the 77 lbs requirement. So if your child does not weigh more than 77 lbs, this may not work.

This is yet another adult vest that is now available in size XXS (Extra Extra Small). Similar to Helite, it is still an adult vest that may fit some children. Note that a smaller 24grams CO2 canister/cartridge is used for the XXS size.

Just like Seaver, the Freejump vest comes in Size Extra Extra Small to accommodate tweens and teenagers. However, the weight requirement is still 77 lbs. Same as the Helite and Seaver, this is the same as the adult model.


We have presented 4 different options for airbag safety vests for junior riders. We hope you have provided enough information for you. We welcome your questions and comments. If you have any of these vests, please let us know your experience.

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