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After a long hiatus, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Fior Da Liso casual shirts collection. This collection was first introduced a few years ago (2014) and it was wildly popular. For whatever reason, the designers for the brand took a break. But now they are back, bigger and bolder than ever.

The shirts from Fior Da Liso have the signature classy look with the stretchy technical fabric that you have come to love. The new collection is smaller but very attractive. In keeping with the tradition, these shirts go equally well with a dressy pants as well as jeans. Many ways to wear the versatile Fior Da Liso shirts. You can even use them as riding shirts.

Can’t have just one

The best part about these shirts is that even after so many years, they look fresh and not boring. In other words, you can never have enough of these shirts. These shirts have quite a loyal following and fanbase. They sell out within just 2 weeks. That’s because you can not just have 1 of these shirts. Once you have worn one, you will inevitably return for adding more to your wardrobe. Such is the appeal of these shirts. The new seasonal shirt collections impart a must-have sentiment. In fact, most customers will get the same shirt in multiple color options.

Collar and Buttons

This new Spring/Summer 2018 collection is keeping it simple for the collar. It is a simple single collar with 2 buttons. No more buttons on the collar.

How To Order

We present to you a small sampling of the 2018 Spring Summer Fior Da Liso collection. These shirts will not be available for purchase online, so please call/text us or email us.

Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Raquel II
Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Raphaella II in Navy
Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Raphaela II
Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Mela II
Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Emma
Fior Da Liso Shirt
Fior Da Liso Shirt Cecilia
Supplies Limited

Just like all the other Fior Da Liso shirts, supplies are limited on these shirts. Most of these shirts are pre-sold so please do not delay if you see something you like. Contact Us


2 responses to “Fior Da Liso 2018 Spring Summer Collection is available”

  1. Maureen Mayer

    Do you have any fior da liso shirts US size 8, specifically Cecilia or Raquel II?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Maureen
      Sorry, no Cecilia or Raquel II in Size US 8. We only have the Judith shirt in Rose Bloom Check in Size US 8 on Final SALE for $99.

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