KASK Equestrian Helmets: What’s new for 2018

The objective of this post is to educate the equestrian/rider community on what has changed in the KASK equestrian helmets starting 2018. We hope this will answer all your questions about KASK Equestrian Helmets.

KASK made a big splash in the equestrian scene with the launch of 3 helmet models for the equestrian market. The KASK helmets filled a gap in the helmet market. With top grade safety certifications and a long establish reputation in safety (KASK also makes biking, skiing and snowboarding helmets), KASK quickly achieved a solid second place behind Samshield.

Since then, they have made some improvements to their design. While nothing appears to be changed on the outside, there are some positive changes under the hood.

New Color: Anthracite

Ah, yes! Anthracite/Gray/Charcoal is the new Black. When it comes to a hot color on the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival, Grey/Anthracite takes the crown. This is not a dark grey, neither is it a light gray. With just the right balance of gray, this helmet become a must-have for those with Grey colored show jackets.

2 Options in Anthracite

Just like the other colors, 2 options are available in Anthracite: Anthracite and Anthracite Silver. The former has a tone-on-tone Anthracite color scheme, the latter add the Silver colored trim.

KASK Dogma Star Lady - Anthracite
KASK Dogma Star Lady – Anthracite
Dogma Chrome Light - Anthracite/Silver
Dogma Chrome Light – Anthracite/Silver
Dogma Light - Anthracite
Dogma Light – Anthracite

The not-so-visible changes

Besides the exterior color change, there are other under-the-hood improvements for all KASK helmets.

Velcro-attachment liner no more

One of the big changes for 2018 is the way the inside padding/liner attaches to the helmet. The velcro style liner has been retired: in its place the new liner snaps into pre-formed holes in the shell of the helmet.

The newer liner is NOT compatible with the original KASK Helmets.

Please do note that we have a very limited stock of replacement velcro liners that are compatible with the original KASK helmets. So if you need a liner for your helmet, please get in touch with us.

New Sizing Chart

Along with the new liner design, there are some changes to the sizing chart of the KASK Equestrian helmets as well. The new sizing allows for 4 sizing shells: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large (previously only 3 shells).

  • Extra Small Shell – Sizes 51 (6 3/8) through 54 (6 3/4)
  • Small Shell – Sizes 55 ( 6 7/8) and 56 (7)
  • Medium – Sizes 57 ( 7 1/8), 58 (7 1/4) and 59 (7 3/8)
  • Large – Sizes 60 (7 1/2) through 63 (7 7/8)

The original helmets accomodated Sizes 51 through 57 in the Small Shell, Sizes 58 through 59 in the Medium Shell, Sizes 60 through 63 in the Large Shell.

Padded Neck Brace

Also new for 2018, is a redesigned padded neck brace. This optional pieces that attaches to the back/inside part of the helmet is now padded. The cushioned padding enhances the overall comfort.

Fit System Lateral Inserts (for Long Oval Shape)

KASK has come up with a creative way to fit long-oval shaped heads into their helmets. With the help of these lateral inserts (that can be adhered to the sides of the helmet), the same helmet instantly becomes a well-fitted helmet for long-oval shaped heads.

Note on certification

Please note that KASK Equestrian Helmets are fully certified for use in USA under the ASTM/SEI rating.


That is all the changes for 2018. If you have questions, please feel free to email us or leave a comment. We appreciate your questions and concerns.


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