Introducing Kismet by TACKNRIDER

We have been in the tack business for almost 15 years now. From our humble beginnings, we have grown every year. All of that is because of you, our loyal customers. Thanks to your support, we pride ourselves on being a destination tack store not only in Wellington, but on the entire USA east coast.

Our goal is constant improvement. We strive to bring cutting edge products to our customers. We complement our big selection with the finest service.

Why another brand of equestrian clothing?

Almost every day, we hear of a new brand of equestrian clothing. So this is the obvious question. Why another brand? According to years of market research (along with valuable feedback from you), we realized there is indeed a need for a new label. First off, between COVID supply chain pressure and rising costs, even the most basic equestrian clothing items have risen astronomically in prices.

Many brands simply look like copies of each other. Our customers have been demanding simple, functional clothing with a modern twist on fabrics. On average, customers prefer smaller or no branding logos on their clothing.

We have listened to all your feedback. This is why we have created Kismet. The premise of Kismet is to produce clothing that checks all the boxes.

You represent yourself in the ring, not a Brand

We decided to keep the Kismet brand speak through performance and not through big logos and branding. We realize all riders are individuals. We have made sure all Kismet clothing does not contain any outward logos or branding. If not for the sizing tag, you can not identify the brand. Our customers love the idea of not having to wear a logo and imagery.

We want you to represent yourself, not a brand.

Functional Style

We often hear this phrase in equestrian clothing. What does it truly mean? Functional clothing means wearing with comfort all day. Kismet riding breeches are energizing, let you perform at the highest levels. There are no gimmicky features that you will never use. We believe in creating products that truly meet the core needs of riders.

Low Maintenance

Our riding breeches are low maintenance. What does that mean? All the Kismet riding breeches and shirts are machine washable. As always, please follow all instructions on the care tag. With our ever busy schedules, we do not have the time for dry cleaning. Wash-Wear-Repeat is the mantra.

Multi-Functional Use

With our clever design for the Eleanoire Show shirt, you can easily wear it under your airbag vest to get the look of a show jacket without wearing one! This has been the most popular show shirt. It was initially available only in Black, not it is available in Sand, Navy and Forest Green!

Complete Collection

While the Kismet collection continues to evolve, we are proud to announce that is a complete collection which includes:

  • Show Shirts (Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves)
  • Riding Breeches for Show Jumping (women, men, girls and boys)
  • Riding Breeches for Dressage
  • Jods for Children
  • Schooling Shirts
  • Riding Socks
  • Riding Gloves
  • Riding Backpack

We Want Your Feedback!

As always, it is your turn to chime in. Do you own any of the Kismet products? What are your thoughts on it? What do you like most? What would you change? We pride ourselves on incorporating our customers’ voice for Kismet’s evolution.

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