TACKNRIDER welcomes Kentucky Horsewear

We are super excited about the new year! That is partly because we are introducing some of your favorite brands to our store (both online and in-store).

Kentucky Horsewear

For many years, our customers have advised us about this brand. The Kentucky brand is synonymous with ultra high quality products. That statement is even more truer of all Kentucky Sheepskin products. Their products are well-made, with full attention to detail and last long.

That said, we are bringing the full line-up of Kentucky products. You will start noticing a lot more Kentucky products on our website as well as at our 2 Wellington locations. This includes their ever popular rain sheets, rugs, horse boots, and many more. Kentucky is a reputable brand and we are proud to have partnered with them. We look forward to promoting this brand by constantly supplying Kentucky products in USA.

Of special mention is the Kentucky bonnets. Our customers love the quality and price of the beautiful bonnets made by Kentucky. These are well-made and priced very reasonably. The best part

Some of our top sellers from Kentucky are listed below:

We are excited about this new partnership. If you know of a Kentucky product and can not find it on our website, do reach to us. Comment below. Let us know your thoughts!

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