Kismet Schooling Shirts: Protect Your Skin

While this has been said before, sun protection is very important for riders. We spend countless hours in the sun, exposed to UV rays, heat. This can cause irreparable damage to the skin. The more layers of protection we can equip ourself, the higher the protection.

It is nice to see the sport progressing with an emphasis on protection built into show shirts. However, what is even more important is comfortable schooling shirts with UV protection. With that goal in mind, we have introduced our own line of riding clothing, Kismet. Kismet schooling shirts have become so popular now, we are introducing new colors twice a month!

Alexa: Turtleneck Schooling Shirt with Thumbhole Design

With feedback from our customers, we have designed this extremely popular turtleneck schooling shirt. It is made from ultra light fabric with UV protection. The neck coverage is critical. With global warming, it is more important (than ever) to protect your neck.

Light fabric allows maximum protection without generating any heat. With 14 (and counting) colors, you are sure to find one color for each day that you ride.

Irene: Long Sleeve Round Neck with Thumbhole Design

Our very first schooling shirt. Long Sleeves with Thumbhole Design. For those riders that do not like the turtleneck design, the “Irene” shirt is ideal. The sleeves are made from mesh fabric to allow maxmium airflow. For a limited time, the “Laser Horse” imprint is available.

Maeve and Jane: Half Collar with buttons and zipper

Whether you are a zipper person or button person, we have the perfect schooling shirt for you. Same lightweight fabric, just a different design. The “Maeve” shirt features traditional buttons, the “Jane” features a zipper.

Lidia: Short Sleeve Schooling Shirt

The simplest schooling shirt for those riders that prefer shorter sleeves.

Dana: Schooling Shirt with Mesh Shoulders and Arm Detail

We know solid shirts can get boring. This one is for the mesh lovers. The sleeves and shoulders are made from mesh fabric. Worry not, the fabric is protected with UV application. The “Dana” shirt is available only in Black and White colors only.


We hope you have adopted UV protection in your riding apparel. While we continue to create new designs and colors, we want to hear from you. Do you have a shirt that you would like to design? Let us know in the comments. We love hearing your feedback!

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