New Riding Helmets for 2023

We are super excited to introduce some innovative helmets for this year! So far, we have introduced Suomy, NACA and EGIDE brands of helmets to the USA.

For those of you who have visited our store, you know we pride ourselves on the massive helmet collection. We carry the full helmet portfolios from Samshield, KASK, KEP and Charles Owen. This includes stock helmets as well as one-of-a-kind custom helmets that are exclusive to TACKNRIDER.

Our collection of helmets is now the largest (by brands as well as models) in the Americas! We are proud to be your choice for safety equipment. Helmets are a critical piece of riding equipment. Hence we are selective in which brands we bring in. Not everyone fits in the same brand and/or model. We are all different individuals, with head shapes that are quite different as well. We recognize this fact and hence our expansive helmet collection.

Here is the list of helmet brands (not in order of priority) we currently offer

Since most of you are familiar with the current brands, we want to go over the new brands of Helmets.


This is an innovative French brand with deep expertise in helmet technology. Their forte has been materials. They produce ultra-light carbon fiber helmets. The shell of the helmets are made from Carbon Fiber. In addition, they are fully re-configurable in terms of visor/brim. You can attach/detach the brims to make them regular brim or wide brim. The helmets are Made In France.


An Italian brand with very deep expertise in helmet technology. All the helmets are Made In Italy.

KASK introduces WG11 Rotational Impact

We are pleased to announce that KASK has further improved on the safety of their helmets by introducing the WG11-tested helmets. These are special tests that stress the rotational impact protection.

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