Schockemoehle Sports Bridle “Malibu” Anatomic Dressage Snaffle


  • Rolled/Rounded Leather Parts  (Cheekpieces and Throatlash)
  • Anatomic Snaffle Dressage Bridle
  • Reins NOT included

Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 17th April

Full Size
Extra Full

Reins (Optional)

Optionally, select a set of reins for your dressage bridle


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Malibu by Schockemoehle Sports is an anatomic dressage snaffle bridle is made of rolled/round leather with an anatomically shaped crank noseband. The headpiece’s design enables significant pressure reduction on the head and neck areas.

Side By Side Comparison of Anatomic Bridle Collection by Schockemoehle Sports

Difference of Rolled/Round Leather versus Flat Leather

  1. The rolled/round leather cheekpieces, throatlatch are more comfortable since they do not have edges that can rub.
  2. The rolled/round leather look is distinctly superior to the flat leather look. For show use, the Rolled/Round Leather look is often preferred.

Reins are NOT included. Different options of reins are available.

How does it work?

Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Explanation
Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Explanation

Size Chart

Please use the following illustration and size chart to determine what is the right size for your horse.

Schockemoehle Sports Bridles Size Chart
Schockemoehle Sports Bridles Size Chart


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