Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Beta Anatomic Snaffle Dressage Bridle with Crystal Browband

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


  • Anatomic Dressage Bridle
  • Anatomic Cut to avoid the sensitive facial nerves
  • Reduces/eliminates “head shaking” and muscle spasms
  • Reins NOT included

Estimated Delivery Date: Friday 26th April

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Reins (Optional)

Optionally, select a set of reins for your dressage bridle

2 reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ann Sheedy (verified owner)

    I purchased my Beta bridle in the winter and appreciate the quality and beauty. My mare is sensitive and has a harder to fit head and she is comfortable in this lovely bridle. I have tried other brands and I am happiest with the Schockemohle Beta. Combine that with the delicious schockemohle reins and the experience is sublime.
    Aslo, the kind and responsive service by Mr Ramani was a pleasure. Tacknrider is my go to store for sure.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Doug C (verified owner)

    Hi Mr Ramani – I’m the guy who ordered a Schockemohle Equitus Beta Bridle on Wed 20 Dec. You called me and said we needed express delivery to get it here by Christmas. Just wanted to say that it got here last night, just in time. I’m sure my wife will love it. Thank you so much for the personal service and quick turnaround! We will be in Wellington in Feb and will make a point to stop by your store.

    Happy Holidays and thanks again. Best, Doug

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The Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Beta Anatomic Snaffle Bridle is an upgrade of the popular Equitus Alpha Bridle from Schockemoehle Sports.

Reins are NOT included. Different options of reins are available.

Side By Side Comparison of Anatomic Bridle Collection by Schockemoehle Sports

Differences between Equitus Beta and Equitus Alpha Bridles

  • The browband of the Equitus Beta Anatomic Dressage Bridle is adorned with large round crystals.
  • The noseband of the Equitus Beta is tapered and contoured whereas that of the Equitus Alpha is flat. Both nosebands are generously padded.

Why Equitus Alpha is the Bridle Of The Year

Schockemoehle Sports 2018 Show Jumping and Hunter Bridle Collection

What makes Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Beta Anatomic Snaffle Bridle so useful?

This bridle has been designed with the horse’s welfare as the prime goal. Recent research suggests that “bridle” pressure on the head and neck of the horse prevents it from achieving full potential. This bridle promises to undo that effect.

How does it work?

Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Explanation
Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Explanation

Truly Anatomic Design

The curved caveson design enables bypassing the main sensitive facial nerve. The end result is no pressure exerted on the facial arteries and veins. This means no more “Head Shaking” and no more muscle spasms. In addition, the padded anatomically shaped headpiece allows free movement of the ears and the neck. The curved flashstrap allows breathing without any restrictions.

Reins Not Included

Reins are not included. Recommended reins include the new DuraSoft Grip Reins by Schockemoehle Sports.  These reins are layered with grippy rubber on the one side and leather on the other. Integrated reins stoppers are included at  2 1/4″ (6 cms) apart.

Read more about why Equitus collection bridles by Schockemoehle is the Bridle of the year!

Size Chart

Please use the following illustration and size chart to determine what is the right size for your horse.

Schockemoehle Sports Bridles Size Chart
Schockemoehle Sports Bridles Size Chart


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