Schockemoehle Anatomic Bridle Collection Compared

The anatomical bridle collection by Schockemoehle Sports has been expanding since its initial launch in early 2017. Whether you are looking for a snaffle or a double, with 1 brow band or 2 brow bands, with or without fleece padded nose band, rolled or flat leather, brown or black, we have a bridle for you.

In fact, this collection now includes a new style of snaffle bridles, i.e. without a flash.  Go ahead and explore what bridle works for you. You will not go wrong with any of these. These high quality anatomic bridles have become extremely popular across levels of dressage competition, whether you are just starting out or grand prix level.

Why Equitus Alpha is the Bridle Of The Year

The table below serves as a guide for you to select the right bridle from this collection.




Bling Browband

# of Browbands

Fleece Noseband


Equitus AlphaSnaffleFlatNo1No$329
Equitus BetaSnaffleFlatNo1No$390
Equitus DeltaSnaffle w/o FlashFlatNo1No$329
Equitus ZetaSnaffleFlat441YES$329
SlimfordSnaffle w/o FlashRolledNo1No$329

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