TACKNRIDER welcomes Dyon

For years now, our customers have asked us this question: Where can we find the full Dyon selection of bridlework, chaps, horsewear and accessories etc? We are pleased to announce your favorite tack store is now a proud Dyon retailer. As of earlier this month, we have received our first big shipment of Dyon.

This first shipment is just the start of a long and strong partnership with Dyon. Just like all our other brands, we promise to bring you the full selection of Dyon. While Dyon is primarily known for their bridles, breastplates, martingales, reins etc, we are slowly bringing their other products as well. This includes the classic Half Chaps by Dyon as well as the new sporty backpack by Dyon.

We are super excited to present the Dyon Hunter Collection. This collection is the full selection of tack for the hunter discipline. Made of the same high quality leather and Dyon’s signature craftsmanship, the Hunter Collection is sure to please.

Though not as well known as the leather tack, Dyon’s original mini chaps are preferred by many riders. These are made from soft grained leather.

We present below some of our most popular Dyon products.

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