We are extremely excited for adding all these new brands to our line up for 2024. Some are familiar names, others new innovators that are creating compelling products for horse riding.


Kentucky is a household name in equestrian gear. It has become ubiquous with high quality blankets, rainsheets, horse boots, bonnets and saddle pads. We are proud to introduce Kentucky in our offering at both of our location as well as our online store. Of particular note is Kentucky’s comprehensive offering of bonnets. If you are looking for a bonnet, plain or blingy, soundless or regular, etc, Kentucky has a bonnet for you.


This is another brand we are super excited for. For years, our customers have inquired about the availability of Dyon products at both of our locations. We are proud to announce Dyon has joined our brand offering! Dyon is best known for their tack collection.

Dyon Collections

We would like to inform you that we are all-in for Dyon. What does that mean? Whether you are looking for Dyon tack with Gold/Brass Hardware or Silver Hardware or with White Contrast Stitching, we have it all. We stock the biggest selection of Dyon goods in USA. Please note when ordering to specify which Dyon collection you would like. The “D Collection” contains all the items with no contrast stitching and all gold/brass hardware/fittings. The “US Jumping Collection” contains all the items with White Contrast Stitching along with Silver Hardware/Fittings. The “Working Collection” contains all the tack without the contrast stitching, yet with Silver hardware. There may be other subtle differences between the items from the separate collections.

Top Sellers in Dyon

Horse Pilot : Innovation in Airbag Technology

This year, we also welcome Horse Pilot. Back about 10 years ago, we had originally launched the very first Horse Pilot product: a Show Jacket. Fast forward today, Horse Pilot is leading the innovation in airbag technology. Not just airbags, but the full selection of airbag compatible riding wear. The “Twist’Air 2 ” is the latest airbag vest from Horse Pilot.

County : A Tradition of Horse Riding Whips

County is a leading whip manufacturer out of UK. Steeped in tradition and expertise, their whips are simple and do the job. Manufactured in UK, these whips are high quality.


You may not know them, but their product powers your seat in the saddle. The grip spray from Pharmaka is an indispensable product in every rider’s backpack. This grip spray has consistently ranked at the top for grippy spray products. You can now purchase it online from us!

WHIS: #1 in Coach-Student Communication Systems

Another newcomer brand for us. WHIS is the undisputed leader of Coach-Student Communication Systems. They are established and their product simply works out of the box. Just turn it on and you are good to go! Plus it comes in a nice secure carry case, so you do not lose any pieces.


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