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Best Guide for Anatomic Bridles Explained – 2019 Edition

When it All Started

Anatomic bridles have started to become all the rage for both dressage and show jumping. Many companies have started on the trend of creating more comfortable bridles. Karin Bjarle – creator of PS of Sweden – launched one of the first anatomic bridles in 2011. Her idea was to create something that was beneficial to the horse. So she came up with an out of the box idea. Today I’ll be discussing two popular brands PS of Sweden and Schockemöhle.

Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Dressage Snaffle Bridle - Malibu
Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Dressage Snaffle Bridle – Malibu

PS of Sweden’s Idea

PS of Sweden bridles features a wider headpiece than the traditional bridle to distribute an even amount of pressure on the poll. It also has a deep cut for the ears so they can move freely without pinching or discomfort. A unique feature that the PS bridle has is Bit Cradles in the cheek pieces. It is a small piece of elastic that holds the bit suspended to give it a softer feel in the horse’s mouth. Karin’s ideas didn’t end there she went a step further and created a new browband. They now snap on and snap off for an easy change. No more pulling the bridle apart to change your bling!

Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Black
Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Black

Anatomic Bridles by PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden offers a variety of anatomic bridles for both show jumping and dressage. High Jump (pictured below) is one of their jumping snaffles. It has all of the common features of a PS bridle. The main difference is the noseband. This noseband has a deep contour along the cheek bones to avoid putting extensive pressure on the sensitive facial nerves. It also features a noseband and flash farther away from each other avoiding unneeded pressure on the upper jaw molar teeth. The bow (the pad that replaces the actual noseband) is adjustable to give each horse a uniquely perfect fit. PS offers a model similar to this called Jump Off. While the High Jump and the Jump Off can be used for dressage, a similar model specifically for dressage is available called Nirak. PS also offers multiple other options for both show jumping and dressage double and snaffles.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle in Black
PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle in Black

Schockemöhle’s Spin on Anatomic

Schockemöhle has created their own line of anatomic bridles bringing their spin on things. They created a new innovative scientific design by going a step further. They looked what’s under the skin of the face. This has helped them create a design works with the biological makeup of the horse. This has unveiled that where the traditional noseband lies unnecessary pressure is applied on the nervus fascicles and nervus trigeminus (shown in orange below). Pressure on these very sensitive nerves has been linked to pain in the face. Ultimately creating problems from the poll throughout the body since the Fascia (connective tissue) is all connected. The caveson also connects at a lower point allowing the circulation to run freely through the face. In addition, the flash sits in a sideways positioning allows the horse to breath better without restriction since it no longer sits on the nasal cavities. The headpiece is similar to the PS of Sweden, but they created their own take on it. Instead of having a wider headpiece with a deep ear cut they made it out of a softer more flexible leather with an anatomical shape. It also features cheek pieces attached to the noseband allowing for a more stable connection and small stimulation on the noseband enhancing the connection with the horse and rider. Overall, the difference to todays innovative technology compared to the older bridles brings new standards to our sport. Allowing us to give our horses maximized comfort.

Schockemöhle Equitus Gamma

Anatomic Bridles by Schockemöhle

Schockemöhle has multiple models for anatomical bridles. They have the Equitus collection (pictured above) which features three different snaffles. One is fleece lined with a flash, another is just a regular snaffle with flash, lastly a snaffle without the flash attachment. They also offer the Equitus in a double bridle. Schockemöhle also offers a more traditional looking anatomical bridle featuring a curved noseband and anatomic crown piece. They come in both jumping and dressage in snaffles and doubles.

Here we have a handy table comparing all the different dressage bridles that form part of the Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic collection:

Schockemoehle Sports Padded Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridle - Montreal in Espresso
Schockemoehle Sports Padded Fancy Stitched Hunter Bridle – Montreal in Espresso


Overall, anatomic bridles have been scientifically proven to benefit your horse. From avoiding sensitive pressure points and nerves to allowing better blood circulation. It’s hard to turn down the modern bridle especially when there are so many different options and styles. So, next time you’re in the market for a bridle and want something that will improve your horses performance think anatomic.

PS Of Sweden Anatomic Dressage Bridle "Nirak"
PS Of Sweden Anatomic Dressage Bridle “Nirak”
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Why Equitus Alpha is the Bridle Of The Year

Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle - Explanation of how it works

There has been a recent trend towards anatomic bridles, particularly in dressage. Dressage is the most nuanced of all equestrian disciplines. Controlled and accurate movements require precise timing and co-ordination between horse and rider. Small details come into play and become bigger factors.

One such not-so-small detail is the comfort of your horse’s neck, ears, facial nerves. If the horse experiences excessive pressure on its ears, neck or facial nerves, the ride will not be smooth. In fact, you may not even know the reason why after seemingly doing all the right things and training aids, you are not getting optimal performance.

Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle - Explanation of how it works
Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle – Explanation of how it works

Look closer and you may find the issue. Your horse may be feeling excessive pressure on its facial nerves or neck. That may explain why it is not performing to its fullest potential. This is where anatomic bridles comes in. The term “anatomic” has been somewhat misused to imply as if it solves all the problems.

Not too long ago, PS Of Sweden introduced its own line of anatomic bridles. They have been very successful and our customers have been quite pleased with them. Read Pressure Relief with PS Of Sweden Bridles 

New for this season, is the new line of anatomic bridles from Schockemoehle Sports. These bridles have been designed from the ground up. Schockemoehle Sports has a deep expertise in the design and production of bridles. Their forte has traditionally been dressage bridles. This year, the Anatomic line by Schockemoehle Sports is a novel approach to solve the problems centered around the comfort of the horse. The idea is that if the horse is comfortable and fully relaxed, then it will perform at its highest level without too many training aids.

See for yourself in the picture below how the Equitus Alpha bridle delivers on all its promises.

Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Equitus Alpha - Black/Silver
Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridle Equitus Alpha – Black/Silver

What makes the bridle “anatomic”?

The big factor in this equation is the bridle. Schockemoehle Sports Anatomic Bridles all have the following features:

  • Softly Padded Headpiece with Anatomic Shape
  • Curved Caveson bypasses the main facial nerve
  • Curved Browband allows full movement of eyes and ears
  • Flashstrap position enables un-restricted breathing

Not only has Schockemoehle Sports delivered a hit product with real useful application, the quality of the bridles is top notch. From carefully selected leather to accurate stitching, it is hard to find a fault in these bridles. With so many happy and pleased customers, this is a testament to the reputation of Schockemoehle Sports’ leather work.

Explore the Full Line of Anatomic Dressage Bridles by Schockemoehle Sports

If you are interested in further research on the topic, check out the details of each of the 8 anatomic dressage bridles from Schockemoehle.


So far, the anatomic bridles from Schockemoehle have been received very well in Wellington (and all over United States). One look at the bridle and you can see how it benefits your horse and ultimately your riding experience. No need for bulky nosebands that restrict breathing. No need to rig up your existing bridle with solutions that may only worsen the situation. What do you think? We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment. Do you own one of these bridles?

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Pressure Relief with PS Of Sweden Bridles

PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown

PS Of Sweden is a new brand whose mission is to bring innovative bridles that will relieve pressure. Their bridles are designed with the horse’s welfare in mind. The owner of PS of Sweden was inspired to create her own collection of bridlework. The philosophy of PS of Sweden is to create as ideal riding environment for your horse. In turn, it can relax and achieve its best potential. Often times, you observe that no matter how hard you try to train, the horse just does not give its 100%. The bridles from PS Of Sweden aim to change exactly that.

PS of Sweden is a young brand. It started just 5 years ago in 2011. When Karin Bjarle could not find the perfect bridle for her horse, she did what she does best. She set out to create her own. It was challenging, but she embraces challenges. The result: a brand built on innovation and comfort for the horse in mind. This may sound like a simple idea, but it often gets lost. When the horse feels perfect, it performs to its highest potential.

What makes PS Bridles different?


PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown
PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown

    1. The first thing that is different from traditional bridles is the extra wide headpiece. The wider design allows the even distribution of pressure in the pole. With conventional bridles, the headpiece is narrow. This causes concentrated pressure in a small area.
    2. Ear Cut Out is yet another feature designed to provide pressure relief to the horse.
    3. Contouring the Cheek Bones alleviates and even end the pressure on the facial nerves. One again, this is another area often overlooked by conventional bridle designs.
    4. The bridle cheek pieces feature a “Cradle” system to allow a softer connection in the mouth. This means a more sensitive response.
    5. “Click-It” Browbands : Browbands are a snap (literally speaking) to detach and replace.


PS of Sweden Bridles for Dressage

PS has a big collection of dressage bridles, including Snaffle and Double bridles.  They incorporate all the above features and benefits.

Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Brown
Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Brown

The Flying Change Revolution Bridle is one of the most anatomical dressage bridles on the market. This bridle received nomination for “Product of the Year 2012” award.  The extra padding offers more space for the ears to move around. The elastic insert “cradle” in the cheek pieces allows the bit to stay suspended in the horse’s mouth.


Double Bridle Passage Revolution Patent in Black
Double Bridle Passage Revolution Patent in Black

Another popular bridle from PS is the Passage Revolution Bridle. This double bridle features the signature “wide headpiece” design aimed to reduce the pressure in the top of the neck. The noseband is padded but slim leaving space for the cheekbones and nerve endings. These small details lead to big performance gains. The bridle is an important (often critical) piece of the equation especially when it comes to dressage. This double bridle is available with a leather noseband or a patent noseband. Just like with all PS of Sweden bridles, the browband can be easily changed off the bridle. You can swap the browband in seconds without taking the bridle off.


PS Of Sweden Bridles for Show Jumping

The show jumping bridles from PS Of Sweden are designed with “out of the box” thinking. The same “horse welfare first” philosophy is evident in the design. How do you make your horse jump higher? The answer may be simple but not obvious. Poorly fitted saddles result in lifelong problems for the horse (and often the rider). In that same vein, poorly fitted bridles can do damage that limits the full performance and potential for your horse.

High Jump by PS Of Sweden

The High Jump Bridle by PS of Sweden is designed to reduce and eliminate pressure on the teeth from the outside. The most valuable feature of this bridle is the “adjustable bow noseband”. The bows are flexible to allow a perfect and custom fit for any horse.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle
PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle

Just like all the other PS of Sweden Bridles, this bridle also features the elastic “cradle” system. This allows the bit to stay suspended in the mouth, creating a softer connection.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle Noseband Closeup
Flexible Bow Noseband allows unlimited adjustment.

Jump Off Bridle by PS Of Sweden

The Jump Off Bridle is the crown piece of the show jumping selection from PS Of Sweden.


PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown
PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown


This is just the beginning of the imminent revolution. With so many benefits, it is easy to see how PS Of Sweden is successful. Their message is simple: Make your horse as comfortable as possible, the results will follow. This mantra is proven for those riders that have adopted the PS Bridles. Most riders are surprised to notice the positive effects of these bridles so quickly. In fact, they state that the horse shows reluctance to reverting back to their conventional bridle. After all, if you are in pain, how can you perform your best.

Let us know what has been your experience with PS of Sweden products. As usual, feel free to Contact Us.