PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown

PS Of Sweden is a new brand whose mission is to bring innovative bridles that will relieve pressure. Their bridles are designed with the horse’s welfare in mind. The owner of PS of Sweden was inspired to create her own collection of bridlework. The philosophy of PS of Sweden is to create as ideal riding environment for your horse. In turn, it can relax and achieve its best potential. Often times, you observe that no matter how hard you try to train, the horse just does not give its 100%. The bridles from PS Of Sweden aim to change exactly that.

PS of Sweden is a young brand. It started just 5 years ago in 2011. When Karin Bjarle could not find the perfect bridle for her horse, she did what she does best. She set out to create her own. It was challenging, but she embraces challenges. The result: a brand built on innovation and comfort for the horse in mind. This may sound like a simple idea, but it often gets lost. When the horse feels perfect, it performs to its highest potential.

What makes PS Bridles different?


PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown
PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown
    1. The first thing that is different from traditional bridles is the extra wide headpiece. The wider design allows the even distribution of pressure in the pole. With conventional bridles, the headpiece is narrow. This causes concentrated pressure in a small area.
    2. Ear Cut Out is yet another feature designed to provide pressure relief to the horse.
    3. Contouring the Cheek Bones alleviates and even end the pressure on the facial nerves. One again, this is another area often overlooked by conventional bridle designs.
    4. The bridle cheek pieces feature a “Cradle” system to allow a softer connection in the mouth. This means a more sensitive response.
    5. “Click-It” Browbands : Browbands are a snap (literally speaking) to detach and replace.


PS of Sweden Bridles for Dressage

PS has a big collection of dressage bridles, including Snaffle and Double bridles.  They incorporate all the above features and benefits.

Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Brown
Flying Change Dressage Bridle by PS Of Sweden in Brown

The Flying Change Revolution Bridle is one of the most anatomical dressage bridles on the market. This bridle received nomination for “Product of the Year 2012” award.  The extra padding offers more space for the ears to move around. The elastic insert “cradle” in the cheek pieces allows the bit to stay suspended in the horse’s mouth.


Double Bridle Passage Revolution Patent in Black
Double Bridle Passage Revolution Patent in Black

Another popular bridle from PS is the Passage Revolution Bridle. This double bridle features the signature “wide headpiece” design aimed to reduce the pressure in the top of the neck. The noseband is padded but slim leaving space for the cheekbones and nerve endings. These small details lead to big performance gains. The bridle is an important (often critical) piece of the equation especially when it comes to dressage. This double bridle is available with a leather noseband or a patent noseband. Just like with all PS of Sweden bridles, the browband can be easily changed off the bridle. You can swap the browband in seconds without taking the bridle off.


PS Of Sweden Bridles for Show Jumping

The show jumping bridles from PS Of Sweden are designed with “out of the box” thinking. The same “horse welfare first” philosophy is evident in the design. How do you make your horse jump higher? The answer may be simple but not obvious. Poorly fitted saddles result in lifelong problems for the horse (and often the rider). In that same vein, poorly fitted bridles can do damage that limits the full performance and potential for your horse.

High Jump by PS Of Sweden

The High Jump Bridle by PS of Sweden is designed to reduce and eliminate pressure on the teeth from the outside. The most valuable feature of this bridle is the “adjustable bow noseband”. The bows are flexible to allow a perfect and custom fit for any horse.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle
PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle

Just like all the other PS of Sweden Bridles, this bridle also features the elastic “cradle” system. This allows the bit to stay suspended in the mouth, creating a softer connection.

PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle Noseband Closeup
Flexible Bow Noseband allows unlimited adjustment.

Jump Off Bridle by PS Of Sweden

The Jump Off Bridle is the crown piece of the show jumping selection from PS Of Sweden.


PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown
PS Of Sweden Jump Off Bridle Revolution in Brown


This is just the beginning of the imminent revolution. With so many benefits, it is easy to see how PS Of Sweden is successful. Their message is simple: Make your horse as comfortable as possible, the results will follow. This mantra is proven for those riders that have adopted the PS Bridles. Most riders are surprised to notice the positive effects of these bridles so quickly. In fact, they state that the horse shows reluctance to reverting back to their conventional bridle. After all, if you are in pain, how can you perform your best.

Let us know what has been your experience with PS of Sweden products. As usual, feel free to Contact Us.


6 responses to “Pressure Relief with PS Of Sweden Bridles”

  1. Hi have a showjumper with a melanoma below ear so cannot use a browband what bridle would you suggest ? Regards nicola

  2. We ordered a PS of Sweden high jump revolution and it does not seem to fit our 16.1 TB, it falls forward and is on the last whole. So we tried the cob and it was too small. We’re thinking that the PS may not work with his anatomy. Any suggestions? I have emailed PS of Sweden today as well.

    S. Falcone

    1. Hello
      Are you looking for a dressage bridle or jumping bridle? If dressage, would you like a snaffle or double bridle? We have lot of different brands and models of anatomic bridles. We can provide suggestions for you once you can give us some more information on your requirements. Please feel free to email us.

  3. Judi Quaife

    I have a Dutch warmblood that is 11 yrs old doing 2nd level. Recently I moved him to a boarding facility where he must wear his cribbing collar 24/7. I’ve noticed that he has become resistant to getting on the bit and taking even contact. For 2 weeks I’ve had to send him forward with no contact and slowly worked him into the contact as he starts reaching for the bit. Once he’s going he’s moving great and using his back and responsive to light rein aids. He’s never had this issue before and I’ve had him since birth. He loves people and his work so I think something is bothering him to start out like a giraffe, overly resistant. Since I’ve lunged first to eliminate cold back, had 2 professionals who experience the same behavior it occurred to me that the only change occurred when I moved him. He’s relaxed in his environment and seems relaxed in the field, in hand and walking on loose rein in the arenas. Only other cause could be that the cribbing collar is making his pole sore and more sensitive to the pressure of the reins/bridle. Does this sound plausible to you? Do you think your bridle could make any difference in the pole area? Is your bridle guaranteed with a full refund? I appreciate your response. Judi

    1. Hi Judi
      We do not sell used bridles, so there is no refund for returned bridles that have been used (i.e. not in original new condition).
      We wish you the very best!

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