We have been super excited about the KASK brand in general, ever since they first stepped into the equestrian market back in 2015.

A few new notable changes are coming for KASK in 2021.

Sizes 60 (US 7 1/2) through 63 (US 7 3/4) available in KASK Dogma Star Lady Helmets

KASK is introducing 4 new sizes for its most popular helmet line: The KASK Star Lady helmets (including Star Lady Shadow, Star Lady Chrome, Star Lady Hunter) will be available in sizes 60, 61, 62 and 63. Until now, the Star Lady line of helmets was limited to sizes 51 through 59.

Because of higher demand, KASK is introducing these larger sizes. We have these helmets in stock in the newer sizes. We are very excited about this move as the Star Lady line of helmets is the most popular KASK line.

These new sizes are available in all the Dogma Star Lady Helmets (wide brim)

NEW Equestrian Styled Groom Bag Backpack

KASK is also launching a new product: an equestrian backpack in 2 different sizes. This is new teritorry for KASK as they traditionally have a background in safety helmets. We are super thrilled to start carrying these backpacks as well. If we were to describe these backpacks in one word, it would be “SLEEK”. The backpacks are available in 2 different sizes: 22 Litres capacity and 26 Litres Capacity.

Chinstrap Cover designed for ultra-comfort

A few people have sensitive skin under their chins. This causes rashes or allergies from the rubbing of the chinstrap. Worry not anymore! KASK Equestrian has just launched a very small and thin helmet chinstrap cover that envelopes the existing chinstrap of your helmet.

Shhh….A new line of helmets from KASK is coming soon

For obvious reasons, we can not disclose all the details here. Just note that we are super excited about a new line of collection from KASK is going to hit the market in a month or so. These new helmets are Made In Italy as well. Stay tuned for more updates.


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