A new/old/new option has recently been introduced in riding helmets. The “Beige” chinstrap is making a comeback. This post will cover all the helmet brands and options with this option.

KASK Helmets with Beige Chinstrap

We are pleased to announce KASK has introduced the beige chinstrap as an option with all their helmets. While this option can be added to any custom KASK helmet, we do stock the Star Lady Hunter Helmet with Beige Chinstrap. In addition, we also offer the Dogma Hunter Helmet with Beige chinstrap.

KEP Italia Helmets

KEP Italia has offered mutliple color options in their chinstraps. However, earlier this year, they added “Beige” as an option. Normally, we do stock quite a few of the basic KEP Italia helmets (both regular brim and polo peak/wide brim) in our Wellington store. As an aside, KEP Italia offers the most diverse range of customization options. Best of all, your custom helmets take about 2-3 weeks from order to delivery.


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