For Horses “FH” : A revolution in riding breeches

By now, you may have heard of the name, whether its “For Horses” or “FH”. It is the small name in Italian equestrian apparel that is making waves across the United States. You may have spotted the iconic “4 horses” head logo surrounded by “F” and “H”. Subtle and classy, “For Horses” inspires a return to the basics combining high-performance fabric with tasteful elegance.

FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches Remie in Navy - Side View
FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches Remie in Navy – Side View

The “FH” Beginning (2014)

During the 2013-14 Winter Equestrian Festival, we proudly launched For Horses as a new brand on the US. We debuted the brand at both our Wellington store as well as at our WEF Mobile Showroom. At that time, the For Horses collection comprised of just 2 styles of riding breeches and 2 styles of competition shirts. The collection also included 1 style of men’s riding pants in addition to a Men’s Show Shirt. The reaction at the time was exceptional. The few customers that bought the For Horses breeches swore nothing else compared to the comfort and fit.

The riding breeches were initially available only in Beige and Navy. The show shirt was also available in just White. The show jackets were available in 3 colors: Navy, Black and Grey. The concept behind the For Horses brand is simple: create iconic one-of-a-kind pieces of equestrian clothing that are aesthetically pleasing and fit well. The “FH” philosophy is to focus on the best possible fit for riding apparel. When the fit and comfort are ideal, the rest falls in place automatically. As riders, we all know the pain of ill fitting breeches. There are some that sag, yet others with a “diaper” effect. There are also the ultra-expensive ones that either fade after a few uses or lose their original fit.

The customers who wear the “FH” breeches are so happy to have discovered this brand. According to the customer testimonials, “these breeches stay like-new” wash after wash, use after use. The lightness of the fabric is an incredible experience, especially for riders who are transitioning from the older brands. In their own words, “FH” breeches have no comparison.

Ladies Lace Show Shirt In Fuschia - Front View
Ladies Lace Show Shirt In Fuschia – Front View

For Horses: The Story

The story of For Horses starts in 2002 by the husband and wife time of Andrea Piovan and Giovanna Novello. They were and continue to be driven by a passion for equestrian sport, a love of horses and the desire to create unique and exclusive products. Giovanna is a designer and stylist with a long experience in the textiles sector and sport clothing, for dance and leisure wear. She combined her know-how with that of husband Andrea, a chemical textile engineer. She grew up learning about fashion in her family’s dance wear business. During the 1980’s they introduced a new concept of lifestyle dance clothing which enjoyed enormous success. Her mother is a designer and stylist, both brothers are stylists and her father is an entrepreneur with a creative soul.

Andrea comes from a family of chemical engineers. His father was a chemist for a well-known international company, and he himself has matured a long experience in the textile sector. From the knowledge of dyeing process to the finishing of fabrics, Andrea also  had a passion for horses since childhood. As a result, he gained a deep knowledge of the equestrian sector as a rider and avid horseman.

The For Horses collection comes from this perfect union. For Horses is proudly and exclusively Made in Italy by skilled artisans. In fact, that is a point of pride for the company owners.

What makes For Horses so unique?

It would be unfair to compare the For Horses label to the Big 3 of Equestrian Clothing. The “FH” collection comes from a continuous harmony of researching fashion trends. The “FH” brand is truly innovative. The focus is on creating a handful inspiring designs vs a bevy of articles/designs that often fail to impress. Think of “FH” as the smaller but more creative player in the equestrian space. Unlike the big and confusing seasonal and flash collections from the Big 3 brands, FH produces just a few pieces which are iconic.

That is the difference between being a designer yourself and hiring designers. After all, it is much easier to put into production your own concepts and ideas. The original design philosophy often gets lost when the design portion of the job is outsourced. That is exactly where “FH” shines. Giovanna is the designer and owner of the “FH” label. As such, her designs come to life via the products without any distortion.

Another key factor is the choice of materials used for these pieces of clothing. Andrea Piovan brings that expertise to the “FH” team. His deep knowledge of fabrics and textiles is crucial to producing the perfect breeches that not only look good, but are also comfortable on a hot, humid day (especially in the South Florida heat). the “FH” breeches are made from technical, multi-stretch material for perfect comfort and a very feminine fit. Each piece meets the technical requirements of the rider in terms of durability, water and wind-resistance. The best part : the “FH” fabric is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking.

The “FH” Women’s Breeches Collection: Minnie, Winnie, Remie, Pat and Patty

If you are bored and tired of the same look, the For Horses collection

Minnie – The Back Pocket Stylish Breech

If you are a fan of the back pockets, the Minnie Ladies Knee Patch Show Breeches fits the bill. These are, by far, the #1 back-pocket breeches in the United States. The fit is decidedly superior compared to the other Italian brands. While different brands are meant to fit different body types, the Minnie is very versatile fit-wise. We have observed several different customers look great in these riding pants.  The fabric and fit are made to tailor around your shape. During its introductory year, the Minnie breeches were the top seller show breech in Beige as well as White.

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Remie – The Slim Fit Breech for Jumper, Hunter and Equitation

Welcome to the classic high performance breech: Remie Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches. It is head and shoulders above everything else in the market. It would be hard to even compare this with any other breech. The ultra light fabric sets these riding pants apart from the competition. While all the brands may claim terms such as “4-way” stretch, Remie is built on that foundation.  Additionally, these breeches do not fade.

Our customers remark at how extremely light these breeches feel. Being ultra-light in weight is just one of the many advantages. The Remie is ideally designed to be worn in warmer climates. The fabric instantly wicks away the sweat. This keeps you cool, even in the sweltering Florida heat. No more ugly “sweat stains”. This is where the high-performance part comes in. When you feel confident, you perform your best.

The Remie is one of the few breeches that can be easily used for competing in the Jumping, Hunter and Equitation ring. It is simple, no pockets or zippers or trims. Just pure performance and good looks packed together.

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Pat – The Push Up Show Jumping Breeches

Pat is the Push Up Show Jumping Breeches that flatter and enhance your derriere. These super flattering breeches are not just comfortable and stylish, they also feature an innovative concept: Straight Up Zipper, No buttons. No, the zipper does not inadvertently drop down. In fact, this design eliminates the “gap” that is prevalent in other breeches. We all know the gap. It is the gap in the center back of your breeches (just above the belt loop) when you bend on your knees or lean forward.

Not to mention the clean design lines and no pinching of the buttons inward when you ride.

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For Horses is a young and creative brand. It is the creative energy of the owners of the brand that keeps moving them forward. Unlike other clothing brands, For Horses is constantly adapting to meet the diverse needs of discerning equestrians. Our customers eagerly await the arrival of new FH products. There is a new sense of excitement and buzz that has been created by For Horses.

Have you worn any For Horses breeches? What is your experience? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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