Custom Samshield Flower Swarovski with Metallic Red Trim

Who says Helmets are not stylish? A couple days ago, Abby from Orlando stopped by the store, looking for a Samshield Premium Helmet.  Abby wanted to upgrade from her current Charles Owen to the Premium Custom Samshield helmet. After trying on a few different sizes, we determined her size is 6 7/8.

Here is the gallery of custom Samshield Helmets designed by our customers.

Custom Samshield Helmet with Full Swarovski Stones
Black Alcantara Shell with Python. Trim: Chrome with 255 Swarovski Stones

The key features of the Samshield Helmet are:

  1. Removable Liner that can be rinsed, air dried
  2. The excellent ventilation on the front, back and through the side channels.
  3. The customization options are plenty, making each helmet a unique one.
  4. Custom fit can be obtained by using several different sized liners within the same helmet shell.

Among the customization options are :

  1. Shell Material – Leather or Alcantra
  2. Shell Color – Black, Blue or Brown
  3. Top (inlay) Material : Python, Lizard, Crocodile, Stingray, Leather, Alcantra, Flower, Crystal Fabric all available in a choice of colors.
  4. Trim – Black Chrome, Chrome, Blue Chrome, Pink Chrome, Gold Chrome, Matt Black, Matt Navy Blue
  5. Trim Stones – 5 stones or 255 stones
  6. Blason (this is the front medallion with the Samshield logo) – Chrome, Black Chrome, Gold
  7. Nameplating – Sponsor, Name, Signature

As you can see from this list, this helmet is highly configurable. With so many different choices, you can always find a Samshield Helmet that reflects your individuality and style.

Abby decided to go with the Black Alcantra Shell, Black Crocodile Inlay, Chrome Blason, 255 Trim Stones.

While it will take a few weeks before we receive Abby’s custom Samshield Premium Helmet, we are eagerly awaiting to take a look at it. Stay tuned for pictures of this beautiful helmet.

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