BR Cord Draw Reins Rubberized Nylon Easy Slide with Girth Attachment “Blackpool”


  • Rubberized Grip Draw Reins
  • Nylon Cord “Easy Slide”

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Can you think of a way to make draw reins better? BR did. The result is BR Rubberized Nylon Easy Slide Cord Draw Reins with Girth Attachment Loop. The smooth surface allows the reins to slide easily through the bit rings.

Size and Dimensions

Size Cob: 0.95 m webbing + 1.125 m cord = 2.075 m (4.15 m total length) Total Length in Ft/inches: 13 ft 7 inches

Size Full: 1.3 m webbing + 1.2 m cord = 2.5 m (5 m total length) Total Length in Ft/inches: 16 ft 4 inches

Nylon cord is 8 mm (1/3 inch) wide

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