Flex On Stirrups Shock Absorbing with Flat Ultra Grip


  • Shock Absorbing
  • Ultra Grip (sticky)
  • Ride Pain-Free

Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday 28th May



  1. Diane Richey

    I ordered these stirrups for dressage about 10 days ago and haven’t heard when they have been shipped. Can you provide me with a shipment date?

    • Amit Ramani

      Hi Diane
      All good now that we have spoken on the phone. We will keep you posted once the stirrups come in.

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Now, the popular shock absorbing aluminium stirrups by Flex On are available for Dressage riders as well.  The Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Dressage Stirrups with Flat Ultra Grip are available for purchase. Say bye to back and ankle pain. The special technology embedded in these stirrups lets you ride pain-free. The shock is isolated by the elastomers. Less shock means no fatigue and no pain.

These stirrups are available in a Composite material finish as well.


The Flex On Aluminium Stirrups are available in only 1 Size. Dimensions:

Inside Width: 4.75″ (12 cms)

Total Width: 5.5″ (14 cms)

Length : 2.75″ (7 cms)

Difference between Show Jumping vs. Dressage Stirrups

The Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Dressage Stirrups are the same design as the show jumping stirrups by Flex On. The only difference is that the footboard is Flat for the dressage stirrups, i.e. not inclined. You still get the Ultra Grip (spikes that provide the sticky grip).



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