Custom Samshield Helmet


  • See this post for more ideas/inspiration.
  • Normal delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks from date of order.
  • For any questions, call/text us at 561-228-8883

Estimated Delivery Date: Thursday 23rd May

USA 7 3/4 / EU 62
USA 6 1/2 / EU 52
USA 6 5/8 / EU 53
USA 6 3/4 / EU 54
USA 6 7/8 / EU 55
USA 7/EU 56
USA 7 1/8 / EU 57
USA 7 1/4 / EU 58
USA 7 3/8 / EU 59
USA 7 1/2 / EU 60
USA 7 5/8 / EU 61

Shell *

Shell Color Options (Alcantara)

Top *

Color And Fabric options for the Top of custom Samshield Helmet

Trim *

The trim runs around the blason and top overlay.

Swarovski Stones

Whether you want 5 frontal Swarovski stones or Full 255 Swarovski stones on the Trim and blason.

Blason *

The blason is the front medallion.

Name Printing

You can get your name printed on the chinstrap. Max 19 characters (including spaces). Only Available on the Alcantara/Premium helmets


Specify whether you want dressage cut or regular.Equip your helmet with a dressage chin strap: shorter by 2.5 cm in order to get more room for the hair bun.

Sponsor Logo

Do you want your Sponsor Logo on the Front, Rear or Front and Rear or the helmet?


Do you want your country Flag on the Front, Rear or Front and Rear of the helmet?


Pick the country whose flag you want

OPTIONAL: Soless Visor For Extra Sun UV Protection

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You can design your own custom Samshield Helmet and order it directly now. If you need to look at how the helmet will appear, you can use the My Samshield configurator.

Required Step

  1. Pick the color of the shell.
  2. Pick the top options (for the overlay in the middle)
  3. Pick the trim
  4. Pick the Blason

Optional Steps

  1. Pick 5 frontal Swarovski stones or 255 Full Swarovski stones
  2. Name on Chin Strap
  3. Sponsor Logo
  4. Flag of Country
  5. Cut (dressage cut has a shorter chin strap)

Fields marked with a * are required.

From the 4 available Alcantara® shell colors (black, navy blue, chocolate, dark grey) select one of the:
• 21 colours of trim (chrome, chrome black, ivory, navy blue mat…)
• 2 Swarovski® stones embeded trim (5 frontal stones or 250+5 stones). Stones color available: gold, crystal, crystal-black, light blue, pink, red, orange
• 10 materials for the top part (leather, Alcantara®, Flower Leather, Crystal Fabric Swarovski®, Flower Swarovski, Lizard, Python, Stingray, Crocodile, Lozenge Swarovski)
• 3 colours of blason/air vent (chrome, chrome black, chrome gold)
• Possibly provide us your sponsor, your team logo, your name or the flag of your country.

How to design your custom Samshield Helmet

Examples of Custom Samshield Helmet

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Ever wondered how your custom Samshield Helmet is made? Check out this sneak peak of the master himself making a custom helmet by hand.


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