Custom Samshield Helmet with Full Swarovski Stones

Back in June earlier this year, Abby from Orlando was looking for a Custom Samshield Helmet. I helped her with picking out the colors and materials for her custom helmet.  Even though you can see what it will look like, it is hard to envision the final product.

This Custom Samshield Helmet features Crocodile (in Black) as the top inlay on Leather Alcantra, with 255 Full Swarovski Stones. The Trim is a Black Chrome.  Abby has now received her helmet and is very pleased with how it came out.

Here is a picture.  It looks gorgeous.  We look forward to seeing Abby in that beautiful helmet. You can check out the Samshield Helmets here. Also, here is a link to help you configure your Custom Samshield Helmet.

Custom Samshield Helmet with  Full Swarovski Stones
Custom Samshield Helmet with Full Swarovski Stones

Detachable Liners

As with all Samshield Helmets, the inner liner is detachable.  “Detachable” means snap-on and snap-off, not velcro which degrades with use. The liner is light and comfortable, made from memory form, to conform to the shape of the head.

Best of all, the liner is washable (not machine washable), which means you can rinse and air-dry.  Say goodbye to smelly helmets. If  your liner has been used so much that the helmet does not fit right anymore, all you have to do it buy a new liner.  Helmet liners are available for both the Shadow Matte Samshield Helmet and the Custom/Premium Helmet.

Full Ventilation

One of the most innovative features of the Samshield Helmets is the Full Ventilation Channels running along the top sides of the helmet, to provide superior air-flow.

Light Weight

Among all helmets in its class, Samshield Helmets are by far the lightest. The light weight allows freedom of movement and does not cause discomfort even when worn for extended periods of time.

Tell us what you think? Share with us your pictures of your own custom Samshield Helmet.


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