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Top Ten Equestrian Holiday Gifts for 2017

In keeping with our annual holiday tradition, we are pleased to present the 3rd successive version of this list. The list contains ideas for gift giving for this holiday season. We pride ourselves on bringing the most innovative products (whether it be helmets, spurs, clothing, boots or other riding gear). There are ideas for both male and female riders. We hope this list will help you determine just the right gift for your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other.

Here is the list (in no specific order) :

1 Miss Shield Shadow Matt Helmet by Samshield

This helmet was widely anticipated at the beginning of the last season. As with all things Samshield, this is another beautiful helmet. It has been received extremely well both here in the US and in Europe. You can read about why the Miss Shield is a clear choice for those wanting a wide visor helmet.

Miss Shield Shadow Matt - Black
Miss Shield Shadow Matt – Black

To top it all, the Miss Shield is available in a variety of different styles and options, just like all other Samshield helmets. You can also design your own custom Miss Shield.

Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top Helmet - Navy Blue
Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top Helmet – Navy Blue

Presenting Miss Shield, Samshield’s wide brim helmet

2 Push Up Show Jumping Breeches by For Horses

These pants have quickly ascended to the top of the bestseller list. Not without reason! These pants are so stylish  (thanks to the generous “push up” effect) and comfortable, that the other brands have now released their own “push-up” and “shape-up” breeches.  However, these original pants continue to be extremely popular with both the show jumping as well as the dressage crowd.

Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches in Beige - Side View
Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches in Beige – Side View


FH Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches - Misti in Navy
FH Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches – Misti in Navy

For Horses “FH” : A revolution in riding breeches

3. Ladies Lightweight show jumping breeches “Remie”

These pants are the most widely used riding breeches across disciplines. Whether it be show jumping, hunters or equitation, these pants are popular mostly part because of their simplicity.

FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches "Remie" - Beige - Back View
FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches “Remie” – Beige – Back View

The full seat version of these breeches has just arrived as well!

FH Light Weight Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches "Remie" - Navy
FH Light Weight Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches “Remie” – Navy


4. Freejump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro

If you have ever wanted to go with a safe gift, this is absolutely a great choice. Who does not like Freejump Stirrups? Give the gift of safety to your riding friends and family. They will thank you in more ways than one.  Better still, if they already have these stirrups, you can always buy them a new pair in the new Premium Colors: Gold, Bronze, Bordeaux, All Chocolate.

Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro - Bronze
Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro – Bronze

5. Freejump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Classic

We are very excited about this new product from Freejump. It is a new take on their wildly popular Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro.

Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Classic - Red
Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Classic – Red

6. Kingsland Unisex Classic Riding Gloves

These gloves have been around for a while. Always a reliable staple, you just can not go wrong with gifting these gloves. At $79.95, they are fairly inexpensive and make an excellent stocking stuffer.

7. Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle by Schockemoehle Sports

If there was a competition among anatomic bridles, the Equitus Alpha would emerge as a clear winner. With a designed from the grounds up approach, this bridle is popular among both dressage and show jumping riders. The idea is that if your bridle avoids all the pain points on the horse’s ears, neck and head, it will perform at its fullest potential.

If your friend/family member likes tack that is technical without being too overtly complicated, this bridle delivers.

Equitus Alpha : Why it is the favorite anatomic bridle for 2017.

Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle - Explanation of how it works
Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle – Explanation of how it works

8. Flex On Interchangeable Spurs (no spur straps required)

Yes, you read that right. These new spurs from Flex On do not require any spur straps. This comes in handy for those in your family/friend circle with a big collection of spurs. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Flex On Eper On Interchangeable Spur - Blue
Flex On Eper On Interchangeable Spur – Blue

Read about Flex On Spurs

9 Custom Show Jacket by Lotus Romeo

This creative brand of riding apparel promises to make you “unforgettable” in the ring. True to its mission, these jackets are designed for making you look different and elegant at the same time. Your look is classic and modern at the same time. Best of all, our customers are delighted by the fabric used by Lotus Romeo. It is even lighter than that of the Big 3 brands, with more structure and better flexibility.

Lotus Romeo Double Leather Collar Show Jacket in Black with Gold Piping
Lotus Romeo Double Leather Collar Show Jacket in Black with Gold Piping

This is a no-brainer for your picky friend/family member that strives to stand out from the crowd.

The Art of Unforgettable Style 

10 Long Sleeve Show Shirt for Ladies “Adelaide” by Schockemoehle Sports

Have you ever wanted a classic looking, UV protected shirt that you can wear in any ring. The Adelaide is a no-frills long sleeve shirt made from highly breathable technical fabric that has UV protection built-in.


Schockemoehle Sports Long Sleeves Show Shirt with UV - Adelaide
Schockemoehle Sports Long Sleeves Show Shirt with UV – Adelaide

11. Custom Riding Boots by Tucci

If your significant other is picky and you are unsure of what to get them, the Custom Riding Boots by Tucci would make a loving gift. All you have to do is call us to setup an appointment for your friend/spouse/girlfriend and we will take care of the rest. The boots are fully customizable offering a unique look for everyone. The measurement process takes about 1 hour. The boots take about 6 to 8 weeks from order to delivery. The final product is spectacular and beats everyone’s expectations.

If you are still on the fence about these boots, read on.

Navy Crocodile Polo Tucci Boots
Navy Crocodile Polo Tucci Boots

12 CamBox – Under the visor discreet wireless camera for your helmet

For your friends that love gadgets, the CamBox HD camera makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. The camera is discreet, comes in several colors, stores about 2 hours of HD recording. And that includes audio as well!! We are impressed by the quality of the recordings.

Riders love being able to watch and share their riding experience. This one is a no-brainer.

Cambox ISI2 Black shown on rider
Cambox ISI2 Black shown on rider

13 Flex On Hunter Stirrups : For your hunter friends

So there is finally a shock absorbing stirrup that looks like a traditional hunter stirrup. It has all the advantages of its jumper cousin, but without the flashy look and design. For those of you with any kind of knee, ankle or back pain, this stirrup works like magic. Yes, that is what our customers claim after riding in these stirrups. The inclined foot board helps keep your heel down. The eye for leathers is offset to allow proper positioning. Flex On Hunter Stirrups are designed exclusively for use in the hunter ring.

The best part of the stirrups is the ability of shock absorption. There is not another stirrup in the market with this unique proposition. If you are unsure about these stirrups, give us a call. The stirrups are available on a no-obligation trial for 2 weeks.


Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Hunter Stirrups
Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Hunter Stirrups

14 Lemieux Rider Boot Bag – For the rider that has everything

A new boot bag designed from the grounds-up. The LeMieux Rider Boot Bag will make an ideal gift for any rider. It is an economical gift too! It packs plenty of storage compartments, along with a padded interior to keep the boots in place.

Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy
Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy
Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy - Bottom Storage
Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy – Bottom Storage


This list is based on mostly feedback we have received from our customers. These are the “Wow!” products for this season. Do you own any of these products? What are your thoughts on these products? What would you add or remove from this list? Let us know. we would love to read your comments!

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Equestrian Wish List for the Holidays – 2016: Top Ten Gift Ideas

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Brown

The holidays are here! As part of our annual tradition of the holiday shopping list, here is our selection  for 2016. Please note that all these items are new from this season. We pride ourselves on bringing you the trendiest (and most useful) gift ideas. So without further ado, here is the full list. We decided to present a short curated list of ideas versus a long confusing one.

  1. For Her: The Remie Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches are the best gift for women/girls who demand high comfort and style. Made in Italy, this is the #1 selling riding pants at WEF for 2 seasons straight. Available in 6 colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Beige, Brown and White

    FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches Remie in Navy - Front View
    FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches Remie in Navy – Front View
  2. For Her: Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches “Pat” This is yet another compelling gift for the chic equestrian who wants something new and unique. With no front buttons, these breeches not only flatter the front, but accentuate the rear too! Hence, the name “Push Up”.

    For Horses Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches - Grey Back View
    For Horses Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches – Grey Back View
  3. For Her: For your dressage friends and family members, we present to you the #1 most stylish and comfortable new breech for the 2016-17 season. Her name is Patty. Clean Lines with contrast stitching and a butt-lifting effect make this a clear favorite.
    Ladies Push Up Full Seat Breeches by For Horses in Grey - Back View
    Enhance your back view!

    Ladies "Push Up" Full Seat Breeches by For Horses
    It’s all in the details!
  4. For him and for her: the king of backpacks makes an ideal gift when you do not know the size or color preferences. This much anticipated backpack scores big points in both formy and function. Samshield Icon Pack
    Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black store your helmet
    Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black store your helmet

    The backpack is available in 2 colors: Black and brown.

    Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Brownthe samshield backpack aptly named icon pack is truly revolutionary when it comes to design. Trust Samshield to get it right the first time. don’t let the sleek looks of this backpack deceive you! it has tons of storage space and the built in rain cover is an added bonus. 

  5. For the rider with many horses (and hence many spurs), give him/her the Spurs for life. These ultra-lightweight interchangeable Mandtis Spurs offer a 8 different pairs of Spurs in different shapes and sizes (including rowels, hammers, knob, smooth ball etc).

    M Spur 2 Full Set contains 2 spur bases, 8 pairs of spur end attachments
    M Spur 2 Full Set contains 2 spur bases, 8 pairs of spur end attachments
  6. For Him or Her (with painful ankles and/or knees) : Flex On Shock Absorbing Stirrups for Show Jumping (and even dressage!). They will thank you for years to come because they will ride pain-free. These specialized stirrups absorb most of the impact of landing, hence relieving the stress on ankles and knees (and back as well). Read here about why these stirrups deliver on their pain-relief promise.

    Flex On Aluminium Stirrups with Inclined Ultra Grip
    Flex On Aluminium Stirrups with Inclined Ultra Grip
  7. For the avid video/social media enthusiast. For those of your friends that like to post videos of their rides on Instagram, this will make the perfect gift. The lightweight camera designed specifically for recording equestrian rides. The Cam Box HD attaches simply to the underside of your helmet’s visor (compatible with any equestrian helmet). With the press of a button, it starts recording video and audio in HD quality.

    Cambox ISI2 Black
    Cambox ISI2 Black
  8. Riding Gloves are a safe bet for him or her. The Samshield V Skin Riding Gloves are available in 4 colors and 9 different sizes, ranging from Size 6 to Size 10.

    Samshield V Skin Riding Gloves in White, Navy, Grey, Brown and Black
  9. For Him or Her: The Equiline Logo Cap is for the dad’s, mom’s, brothers, sisters and other loved ones. It is a stylish cap available in Navy and White.

    Equiline Hat
    Equiline Logo Hat
  10. For Him: For the professional (or amateur) rider in your life, the Equiline Slim Tie makes an elegant gift. The tie is worn by men competing in show jumping competitions.
    Equiline Men's Slim Tie
    Equiline Men’s Slim Tie


    There you have it. A list of the latest gifts for the savvy equestrian family member or friend. What is your favorite? Did we miss something? What is on your wish list? Leave a comment below.



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Samshield Icon Pack is the new king of groom backpacks

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black

The Samshield Icon Pack is here! Samshield’s Icon Pack has been anticipated for a while now. When Samshield designs something, it is the finest in class. The same applies for their helmets as well. When the Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet was first introduced, it caused a sensation. The same excitement will translate over to this backpack as well.

Samshield’s design philosophy is a powerful fusion of form and function. We like to think of the pre and post Samshield era. Prior to Samshield, backpacks were boring and bulky. Enter the Samshield Icon Pack. Now, we use words like “sexy” and “sleek” etc to describe backpacks. We call this the Samshield effect. Samshield is a leader. With its foray into backpacks, it has once again proved its superiority.

In this post, we attempt to answer your questions about the Samshield Icon Pack Backpack.

What makes the Samshield Icon Pack “Iconic”?

If you take cues from their helmet designs, you can see how Samshield does not improve upon an existing product on the market. Instead, their approach is to build something new from the ground-up. The advantage of this design approach is that the resulting product incorporates all the “must-have” features required today.

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black store your helmet
Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black store your helmet

1. Plenty of Space

The Samshield Icon Pack is packed with pockets and storage areas. From helmets to breeches to whips, the Icon Pack sports a pocket for everything. It even has a pocket for spare change, keys, wallet/purse, cell phone. You can even store an entire show outfit including a show shirt, pair of breeches etc. In total, the Icon Pack offers a total carrying capacity of 25 Liters.

Organized Storage

  1. Lateral Pocket for a Bottle or Spray
  2. Lateral Pocket closed with a snap for metal studs, sugars, elastics, etc.
  3. Big Lateral Pocket with waterproof zip closure for a laptop, a tablet, a passport or the horse’s papers
  4. Elastic Straps to maintain a whip
  5. Top pocket for coins, gloves, keys or credit card
  6. Eyewear pocket
  7. Removable Case for a camera or a cell phone

2. No-Show Helmet Storage

The compartment for storing the helmet is made of mesh that is only visible when used. This makes for a sleek and minimalist look. When not in use, the helmet storage mesh can be neatly tucked inside a zipper compartment.

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black
Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Black

3. Add-On Storage on the Shoulder Straps

A small case can be optionally attached to the shoulder straps. This case is for storing your cell phone or digital camera. This enables easy access so you never miss a call or a photo-op!

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Brown

4. Built-in Rain-Cover

Rain comes without any notice, especially here in South Florida. The Samshield Icon Pack features a fully retractable rain cover for your entire back pack. The cover is only visible when used. When not in use, it is safely tucked away inside a discreet bottom storage area. You would not be able to find it if you did not know exactly where it is located.

5. Universal Helmet Storage

The Icon Pack can store any helmet in its universal mesh helmet storage. This includes the KASK Star Lady Shadow, KASK Dogma Chrome Light, KASK Dogma Light, Samshield Shadow Matt, Samshield Premium Helmet, Samshield XC J Helmet, Samshield XC J Matt Helmets and GPA Helmets.

6. Sturdy Construction

The Icon Pack is made of 1200D coated Polyester, a very strong, resistant and waterproof fabric. The bottom of the Icon Pack is abrasion resistant for maximum durability.

7. Personalization

A label allows to write the name of the owner. In addition, you can also embroider the name on the top pocket of the backpack.

Have more questions? Contact Us or post your questions in the comments below.

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Cheval Polo Show Shirts – 2 in 1

Cheval Polo Show Shirt

The riding clothing industry is undergoing a transformation. New technologies are being introduced. Nowhere is this more apparent than in competition shirts (show shirts) and breeches. We just received a new shipment from Cheval, of their revolutionary Polo Show Shirts that doubles up as a polo shirt.

The Cheval Polo Show Shirt is made from super-light stretchy cotton. The fabric itself is high quality, unlike the low grade cotton used in some show shirts. It feels extremely light and comfortable. It breathes and dries very well….it does NOT get stinky. This is one of the major features of this shirt.

2-in-1 Polo Show Shirts (Polo Shirt and Show Shirt)

This 2-in-1 Polo Shirt and Classic show  shirt is a cute and dons a fitted look. When using as a show shirt, you simple wrap the collar, sleeves roll down under jacket. When used as a Polo Shirt, unbutton the top collar buttons, then roll up the sleeves and snap them to the side, showing a beautiful trim.  The versatility of this shirt makes it a favorite in our book. This shirt is brand new to the market and being introduced at the WEF by TACKNRIDER exclusively.

Cheval Polo Shirt White
Bright colors on the sleeves contrast nicely against the white base and blue collar
Cheval Polo Show Shirt
Use it as a Show Shirt or as a polo shirt!
Cheval Polo Show Shirt
Nice color choices, light fabric.
Cheval Polo Show Shirt
Thin fabric dries quickly for no-stink.



Cheval Polo Show Shirt
Snap-on sleeves for polo look



The Cheval Polo Show Shirt has pearl snap buttons.

The shirt comes in several color options, with white as the base. The collar and sleeves trim are different color, giving it a sporty fashionable vibe. The Cheval shirt is tapered to fit well.

Fabric Composition

The shirt is made from 77% cotton, 5% Lycra and 18% Polyamide. Let me emphasize there is not a another show shirt that matches this shirt when it comes to stretch.

Low Maintenance

The shirt can be hand washed with cold water, or can also be dry cleaned. The label advises against the use of bleach, or starch. Warm iron is recommended.

We think this shirt will be very popular quickly. Given its flexibility, light weight and super thin fabric, this shirt may become the show shirt of choice. What more can you ask for in a show shirt?

We would love to hear from you, so leave your comment.


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Gift Ideas for Riders

Black Friday is here. Its the official start of the holiday and gift season. Have you decided what gifts you will get for your rider friends and family? Stress no more. We are here to help, with just in time, gift ideas. Here is a quick list, you can use as a reference. These gifts have been hand picked by our experts for novelty and usefulness. We have categorized the gifts by gender. Gifts for her can be found here.

Gifts for Her

1. Dimacci Reversible Leather Belt

There are a few things that are better accessories than belts. The Dimacci belt offers 2 belts for the price of 1. With its easy reversible mechanism, she can easily mix and match the belt(s) to the outfit. Lots of color choice abound here. Shown below are some pictures of the different colors.


Click here to buy the Dimacci Reversible Belt. 

2. Tucker Tweed Dressage Tote Bag

This tote bag is a favorite among the dressage ladies. With classic soft leather and the iconic dressage rider, this bag is unique and sexy, all at the same time.  It comes in a few different colors. The Black is a classic and a safe bet.


3. HKM Toskana Bag

Yet another handbag that impresses. This bag is part of the HKM Toscana collection. Vibrant colors make this bag always looking fresh and sporty. A simple, no frills but very useful bag for the busy rider!


4. Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody Bag

Guys, pay attention here. If your significant other is a show jumper, this is “the gift” for her. You will receive accolades for being so thoughtful and knowing what she likes.


5. Anna Scarpati Cap Holder Bag

Every rider wears a hat (aka Helmet). If not stored correctly, helmets wear out faster. This bag prevents the hat from damage. Not to mention, the dressage rider may appreciate the beautiful bling on this helmet bag.


6. HKM Palermo Flower Full Seat Breeches

Breeches means “Riding pants” for those of you that do not ride. It is what you wear when riding. These are the latest fashion breeches from HKM. At $169.95, these are priced very attractively. If she likes something unique and different, this is the gift for her. Make sure to know her size before hand. Breeches go mostly by waist size.


7. HKM Virginia Full Seat Breeches

Does she like denim ? Does she like Jeans? If the answer was Yes, the HKM Virginia Full Seat Breeches makes a fitting gift. These are our most popular denim breeches ever. We have sold so many of these that these have become the de-facto denim breeches.

hkmvirginia1hkmvirginiahkmvirginia2977_3hkmvirginia2977_3 hkmvirginia2977_3


8. Fior Da Liso Kyra Shirt

When these shirts were introduced last year during the 2012-2013 dressage season, they sold like hot cakes. The shirts look so good that our customers would return to buy all the other colors and patterns. Perfect for the night out, this shirt says “elegance” and “class” like no other. Quick Tip: Ask her to leave the top two buttons undone for a flirty look.


9. Fior Da Liso Carina II Shirt

Same as above, except this one this button down, double collar.


10. Roeckl London Gloves

These are the latest in riding gloves. No other riding gloves offer touchscreen compatibility. Now, you do not need to take your gloves off to use your smartphone and/or tablet.


Gifts for Him

1. Goode Rider Mens Authentic Polo

Goode Rider makes some good looking shirts, particularly for men. This is a nice polo that can be used while riding and even casually. With a sharp blue/white contrast stitching pattern, this shirt delivers stunning looks and a good fit.


2. Tucker Tweed Dressage iPAD Cover

For your dressage rider guy, this is the ideal gift. He will find this extremely useful, as it provides a classy leather cover for the iPAD.





3. Bradys Captain Holdall Bag

Perfect bag for those short trips. Fits in the carry-on requirements for most airlines. This bag is made from soft, sturdy leather. It comes in a classic Chestnut color.


4. Freejump Riders Bag

This is the classic and stylish bicycle messenger bag. It stores a laptop easily and some more goods. With a stylish back-sack design, this bag makes the ideal gift for the Freejump Rider.

fjridersbagblack fjridersbagwhite fjridersbag

5. Schockemohle Dressy Belt

This classic belt perfectly complements his formal attire. The belt makes a statement and is classy at the same time. It comes in two color choices: Black or Tobacco.


6. Kingsland Classic Show Socks

These socks are the most popular riding socks in the Wellington circuit. A pack of three contains one pair each in Blue, Brown and Black. The socks come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.




That is our list. What are your ideas? We would love to hear from you. Let us know what works and what does not.