Tucci Custom Dressage Boots in Navy Leather

Often times, you do not think about your boots until they are completely worn out and unusable. The objective of this post is to educate you on why going with Custom Tucci Dressage Boots is a great idea. We will describe in detail the reasons why so many of our customers decide on custom boots. Also, we will go over the process of the boots and answer your questions. So when you are in the market for new boots, make sure to have these custom boots as your top option.

Why Tucci for Custom Dressage Boots

There are many reasons why we proudly offer Custom Dressage Boots exclusively by Tucci. Here we list them

Diverse Collection of Styles and Colors

Tucci’s mission statement “anything is possible” applies nowhere as aptly as it does to custom dressage boots. Tucci truly offers the most diverse portfolio of boots. What does this mean for you? You are not limited to a handful of choices. In fact, the number of custom options are mind-boggling. Different styles are just the starting point. You also get to select the color and texture of the leather used for making your boots. Whether you want a glossy finish versus a matte finish, that is your choice. There is also no extra charge for these choices. You can also select whether your boot comes with a front/side zipper or back zipper.

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Styles for Custom Dressage Boots

Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci

Fully Custom Boots (not semi-custom)

An important point to be noted when comparing custom boots from other manufacturers is that the Tucci boots are Fully Custom. This means that the boots are made to measure. Not semi-custom boots as some other manufacturers offer. What does this mean? We have to measure both your legs with intricate detail. This measurement has to be conducted in-store by our qualified boot measuring personnel. Undoubtedly, this is the most important step of the process. The idea is that if this step is done correctly, the rest of the process goes much smoother. This is why we request that you make an appointment for measurement in advance.

Custom Boots Must Fit Perfectly

Tucci offers custom boots for dressage exclusively. That means Tucci’s offering for dressage is custom only. We started working with Tucci about 4 years ago. Over the last 4 years, we are glad we went with Tucci. We were approached by several other boot makers for custom boots. However, we selected Tucci because of their deep expertise in boot making as well as their reputation with after-sales service. Time and time again, we have observed Tucci helping customers resolve their boot problems. That philosophy to customer service aligns with ours. We do not just claim to be oriented towards customer service. We live it everyday. Most notably, when it comes to custom boots, you have our back. If your custom boots do not fit well, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Long lasting and durability

You do not buy custom boots everyday. With custom boots, there is an implied assumption that the boots will serve you for a while. There are obviously factors that go into determine how long that time frame is. It depends on how often you ride and how well you care for your boots among other things. Be rest assured that Tucci employs the finest and sturdy leather. When it comes to Tucci boots, there is no compromise. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” is applicable here. For $1475, you will receive a fully custom and personalized boot tailored for years of use.

How does it work?

The process is described step-by-step below:

  1. Setup an appointment by calling us at or emailing us. (set aside 45 minutes to 1 hour for the measuring process). Please wear your regular riding breeches.
  2. Arrive at the store on your appointment time for measurement.
  3. After measurements, select your boot style, options and leather etc.
  4. Pay a deposit of 50%
  5. Wait for 4 to 6 weeks. (Patience is a virtue)

Still Debating?

Do you have Tucci boots? We would like to hear your feedback. What are your thoughts ? Do you love your Tucci boots? If not, what would you change?




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