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Tucci Boots: All You Ever Wanted To Know

If you have questions about Tucci Boots (specifically Tucci Equestrian Boots), we are here to help. In this post, we aim to help you expand your knowledge about Tucci Boots. Let us try to get your questions answered. At the end of this post, please submit your comments about any other questions we may not have covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What models of Tucci Boots are available?

Let us first clarify that Tucci makes boots for show jumping, equitation and dressage.

Do you have any Tucci boots that are ready-to-wear? I know my size.

We carry a big stock of Tucci boots in the Harley, Galileo and Leonardo models. Please check our website for in-stock status. We ship out the boots the same day as your order, so you can have them within 3-4 days of your order.

What Tucci Boots are available for show jumping?

Here is a sample of the boots available for show jumping. Please note that all boots are unisex and come in a variety of sizes.

“Harley” Model
Tucci Leather Tall Riding Boots "Harley"
“Leonardo” Model
Tucci Tall Riding Dress Boots "Leonardo"
“Galileo” Model – Field Boot with Laces (suitable for show jumping, hunter and equitation)
Tucci Galileo Field Boots with Laces

What is the cost for Custom Show Jumping Boots by Tucci ?

Fully Custom Boots for Show Jumping by Tucci start at $1195. Depending on the model and selected options, the final price may vary.

Do I need to order the custom boot forms for my Tucci boots?

The custom boot forms are recommended but not required for your custom. They will keep your boots upright and help maintain the leather. The wooden boot forms are superior in many ways over the traditional plastic or metal boot forms. Please keep in mind that these are boot forms that are custom made for your boots. Hence, they will only fit your boots.
The custom boot forms cost $575.

Help! My Custom Tucci boots do not fit

Worry Not, we are here to help. We have a reputation of taking care of our customers. We will first check whether the boots were made to the right measurement. If needed, we will re-measure your legs and order another set of boots to be made. Be rest assured, we will address the situation in a way that is most favorable to our customers.

What does “Fully Custom” mean?

The term “custom boots” is loosely thrown around many times by other bootmakers. While we can not comment on what they mean, for us, it means completely custom boots. Allow us to clarify: Each part of your boot (heel, foot, instep, toe base, toe width, height etc) is made to measure. This means that the bottom part of your tall boot is not simply a standard size short boot (referred to as a “semi-custom”).
As an example, consider that your right foot is shaped and/or sized differently than your left foot. In this case, all these differences are accounted for when producing your custom boots.
Your custom boots are custom exclusively for you.

What models of Tucci Boots are available for Dressage?

For dressage boots, there are several different options for boots. Please do keep in mind, that minor alterations to the design are possible. Also, you can combine design elements from different models. You can design your dream boot.

“Elena” Model Dressage Boots by Tucci
Elena Dressage Boots by Tucci
“Rudolfo” model Dressage Boots by Tucci
Tucci Dressage Boots Rodolfo Model
“Rudolfo B” model Dressage Boots by Tucci
Tucci Dressage Boots Model Rodolfo B

“Vittoria” model – Dressage Boots by Tucci
Tucci Dressage Tall Boots Model Vittoria A
“Gina” Model Dressage Boots by Tucci

“Polo” model Dressage Boots by Tucci
Tucci Dressage Boots Polo Bordeaux

What is the cost of the custom Dressage Boots by Tucci?

The Custom Dressage Boots by Tucci start at $1575. This is the base price for fully custom boots. However, if you would like to add additional options (Swarovski crystals, punch toe design etc), there will be add-on charges.

How long does it take for custom dressage boots by Tucci?

Normally, it takes 8 to 10 weeks. However, wait times of upto 6 months can be expected. We will inform you at the time of ordering the expected wait time.

How do I measure myself for Tucci boots?

Tucci Boots - How To Measure

Where is the Size Chart for the Ready-To-Wear Tucci Boots?

I am unsure about the model for my custom dressage boots by Tucci. Can I decide later?

Yes, we only require a 50% deposit at the time of ordering. Please note that the boots will not begin to be manufactured until you have decided on model and all pertinent details/options.

What colors and leather grades are available?

Tucci has almost 100 different leather textures/grades and colors available. We can show you examples of boots we have done in the past. We can also guide you for selecting the appropriate leather grade and texture depending on usage.

Do I need to come to your Wellington store for a measurement?

Yes, we recommend it.

What if I am not in Wellington? Or do not have plans to visit Wellington?

If you do not live in the South Florida area, we can come to you. However, please arrange for atleast 4 pairs of boots. Either you can order multiple pairs or ask your friends. It is not difficult to find people wanting these beautiful Tucci boots.

I already know my size in Tucci boots. Can I just place an order for the custom boots?

This is easy, since the hard part is already done. We will be glad to send you the swatches of leathers so you can pick your options.

What about custom Tucci boots for show jumping?

This is what we specialize in. Most of our orders for custom boots are from the show jumping riders. If you already know what style you want to order, all we need is a measurement. It is ideal for you to be measured in our store. However, if that is not an option, we can arrange for other options. Please Contact Us so we can arrange.

International Foot Size Chart






























Calf and Height Measurements by Foot Size (all sizes in Centimeters)

EU 35




39½28,5 / 30,935XA
31 / 33,435 A
33,5 / 35,935 B
36 / 38,535BW
4228,5 / 30,935X C
31 / 33,435C
33,5 / 35,935 D
36 / 38,535 DW
44½28,5 / 30,935XE
31 / 33,435 E
33,5 / 35,935 F
36 / 38,535 FW

EU 36




40½28,5 / 30,936XA
31 / 33,436 A
33,5 / 35,936 B
36 / 38,536BW
4328,5 / 30,936X C
31 / 33,436C
33,5 / 35,936 D
36 / 38,536 DW
45½28,5 / 30,936XE
31 / 33,436 E
33,5 / 35,936 F
36 / 38,536 FW

EU 37




4228,5 / 30,937XA
31 / 33,437 A
33,5 / 35,937B
36 / 38,537BW
4428,5 / 30,937 XC
31 / 33,437C
33,5 / 35,937 D
36 / 38,537 DW
4628,5 / 30,937XE
31 / 33,437 E
33,5 / 35,937 F
36 / 38,537 FW
4828,5 / 30,937XG
31 / 33,437 G
33,5 / 35,937 H
36 / 38,537 HW

EU 38




4329,5 / 31,938XA
32 / 34,438 A
34,5 /36,938 B
37 / 39,538 BW
4529,5 / 31,938 XC
32 / 34,438C
34,5 /36,938 D
37 / 39,538 DW
4729,5 / 31,938XE
32 / 34,438 E
34,5 /36,938 F
37 / 39,538 FW
4929,5 / 31,938XG
32 / 34,438 G
34,5 /36,938 H
37 / 39,538 HW

EU 39




4330,5 / 32,939XA
33 / 35,439 A
35,5 /37,939 B
38 / 40,539 BW
4530,5 / 32,939 XC
33 / 35,439C
35,5 /37,939 D
38 / 40,539 DW
4730,5 / 32,939XE
33 / 35,439 E
35,5 /37,939 F
38 / 40,539 FW
4930,5 / 32,939XG
33 / 35,439 G
35,5 /37,939 H
38 / 40,539 HW

EU 40




4331 / 33,440XA
33,5 / 35,940 A
36 / 38,440 B
38,5 / 4140 BW
45½31 / 33,440 XC
33,5 / 35,940C
36 / 38,440 D
38,5 / 4140 DW
4831 / 33,440XE
33,5 / 35,940 E
36 / 38,440 F
38,5 / 4140 FW
50½31 / 33,440XG
33,5 / 35,940 G
36 / 38,440 H
38,5 / 4140 HW

EU 41




44½31 / 33,441XA
33,5 / 35,941 A
36 / 38,441 B
38,5 / 4141 BW
46½31 / 33,441XC
33,5 / 35,941 C
36 / 38,441 D
38,5 / 4141 DW
48½31 / 33,441XE
33,5 / 35,941 E
36 / 38,441 F
38,5 / 4141 FW
50½31 / 33,441XG
33,5 / 35,941 G
36 / 38,441 H
38,5 / 4141 HW

EU 42




45½31 / 33,442XA
33,5 / 35,942 A
36 / 38,442 B
38,5 / 4142 BW
47½31 / 33,442XC
33,5 / 35,942 C
36 / 38,442 D
38,5 / 4142 DW
49½31 / 33,442XE
33,5 / 35,942 E
36 / 38,442 F
38,5 / 4142 FW
51½31 / 33,442XG
33,5 / 35,942 G
36 / 38,442 H
38,5 / 4142 HW

EU 43




46½31,5 / 33,943XA
34 / 36,543 A
36,5 / 38,943 B
39 / 41,543 BW
48½31,5 / 33,943XC
34 / 36,543 C
36,5 / 38,943 D
39 / 41,543 DW
50½31,5 / 33,943XE
34 / 36,543 E
36,5 / 38,943 F
39 / 41,543 FW
52½31,5 / 33,943XG
34 / 36,543 G
36,5 / 38,943 H
39 / 41,543 HW

EU 44




46½32,5 / 34,944XA
35 / 37,544 A
37,5 / 39,944 B
40 / 42,544BW
48½32,5 / 34,944XC
35 / 37,544 C
37,5 / 39,944 D
40 / 42,544DW
50½32,5 / 34,944XE
35 / 37,544 E
37,5 / 39,944 F
40 / 42,544FW
52½32,5 / 34,944XG
35 / 37,544 G
37,5 / 39,944 H
40 / 42,544 HW

EU 45




47½32,9 / 35,445XA
35,5 / 3845 A
38 / 40,445 B
40,5 / 4345BW
49½32,9 / 35,445XC
35,5 / 3845 C
38 / 40,445 D
40,5 / 4345DW
51½32,9 / 35,445XE
35,5 / 3845 E
38 / 40,445 F
40,5 / 4345FW
53½32,9 / 35,445XG
35,5 / 3845 G
38 / 40,445 H
40,5 / 4345 HW

Tucci Boots For Show Jumping

Tall Boots by Tucci

Primarily, there are 4 models of show jumping boots by Tucci (not considering the short-boots-mini-chaps combination boots).

  • Harley Model – This is the most popular show jumping boot.
  • Leonardo – This is the plain and classic dress boot. Another uni-sex boot. Tucci Tall Riding Dress Boots "Leonardo"
  • Galileo – The Classic Field Boot (also uni-sex) Tucci Galileo Field Boots with Laces
  • Sofia – Classic Dress Boots designed exclusively for Women Tucci Boots - Riding Dress Boots "Sofia"

Short Boots & Mini Chaps Combinations by Tucci

Introduced about 4 years ago, the Harl Boots – Mini Chaps combination boots are the most popular combination boots on the market. Designed with a classic look, these boots have become the de-facto standard in combination boots.

The Tucci Harley Boots and chaps have a snap-on system for connecting. You can hardly tell these apart from the tall boots. The best part about these combination boots is the ability to choose boots and chaps in different sizes. The boots come in about 10 sizes ranging from EU 36 (US Women’s Size 5) through EU 46 (US Men’s Size 12). The chaps are available in 12 sizes ranging from XS through XXL.

Tucci Paddock Boots and Mini Chaps
Tucci Harley Paddock Boots shown with the Tucci Harley Mini Chaps via the Snap Attach system

Custom Dressage Boots Gallery

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions, please feel free to Contact Us or leave your questions in the Comments below. We would also like to get your feedback if you own a pair of the these boots. What do you like the most, what do you not like as much? We appreciate your feedback.

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Why You Should Choose Secchiari


The Secchiari boot company is a family owned business, which means their reputation and pride is represented in their company’s products.  In 1950, Stivaleria Secchiari was founded by Alfredo and Emilia Secchiari in Le Marche, Italy. With almost 70 years of experience, from 3 generations, they have mastered the art of boot making. Today, they still use the traditional marksmanship with the highest quality of leather. This makes Secchiari a top pick for equestrians around the world.

Logo Secchiari Italian Boots
Logo Secchiari Italian Boots

No. 1 Quality

Stivaleria Secchiari prides itself on the quality and durability of the leather that they use in their Italian boots. They hand pick out the leather they use in all the boots and accessories in Tuscany, Italy to ensure it’s to the highest of standards. Secchiari’s have a softer feel than most boots allowing you to keep close contact with your horse while being extremely durable. The soles of the boots and shoes are hand sewn and glued on. This makes the soles last longer compared to other companies which just use one method. The boots are more form fitting compared to others allowing for minimal “breaking in” time. They also have an elastic hidden along the zipper which gives the boot extra stretch for a perfect fit. These two features combined reduces the amount of wrinkles in the leather giving you a sleek, professional look. 

Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic
Secchiari Riding Field Boots with Laces Model 100 Classic

No. 2 Options

Secchiari has a variety of “off the shelf” options from short boots and chaps to dress boots. Some of the featured tall boot models that they offer include the Zues which is a men’s showjumping model featuring a fancy stitching on the front. They also have this model in womens, Athena. Another jumping boot they offer is their field boot with laces. Their most popular dressage model is Roma, which is a sleek design featuring the hidden elastic, a rigid leather on the outer part of the boot but a soft leather inside.  

The short boots and chaps that they offer are beautifully crafted to give you the look of a tall boot. The most popular short boots are similar in style to the Zues and Athena. With a fancy stitching design on the front with elastic on each side of the zippers, comfort, quality and durability are wrapped into one. They offer this short boot in both men’s and women’s. These short boots are designed with a snap on half chap made with soft and durable leather offering a reinforced inside. These half chaps and boots are made with the highest quality calfskin allowing for almost no break in time. They also offer the chaps and boots in a more simple and classic design. 

Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic - Black
Secchiari Paddock Short Boots Grand Prix Elastic – Black

No. 3 Custom Orders

The options are endless when it comes to the customization of Secchiari boots. They offer an abundant amount of colors from patent to antique finish, with tons of ways to customize from the toe to the crown. Secchiari bootmakers will create your customized dream boots. One custom model offered is the Columbian Luxury Leather Top. This boot features your choice of boot color, toe and heel color and the option for front laces. Tack N Rider also provides customized measurements to have a boot that fits like a glove and looks anyway you’d like. The best part about a custom Secchiari boot is that it only takes 6 – 8 weeks for delivery. Compared to other companies which have a wait time of up to 6 months.

Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots - Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel
Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots – Brown with Brown Croc Top and Heel


Overall, Stivaleria Secchiari is unique and elite. This traditional family owned company offers the best craftsmanship, quality, and versatility and it is at the forefront of bootmakers for equestrians around the globe. 

Secchiari Athena Black
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Don’t Settle! You Have (Many) Options for Custom Riding Boots

Often times, we sense a reluctance from customers when it comes to moving forward on custom riding boots. The reasons for this may be one of the following:

  • I need the boots today. I can not wait for 4-6 weeks.
  • What if the boots do not fit well when they arrive?
  • Are the custom boots going to cost me a fortune vs. ready-to-wear stock boots?

In this post, we explore the reasons behind these questions and attempt to answer them. We hope this will assist in your decision-making process.

Maybe you are looking to order custom boots because you do not fit in standard size boots? Maybe they fit but not quite as well as they could? Or maybe you would want boots that look a bit more unique? Something that reflects your personality.

In addition to a very large selection of stock boots, we now offer a lot of options in custom boots as well.

Dressage or Show Jumping, we have you covered

Whether you are looking for everyday boots or show boots. Whether dressage or show jumping or equitation, we offer a lot of choices.

Why buying Custom Tucci Dressage Boots is a great idea!

Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots - Brown Croc
Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots – Brown Croc

Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots - Black Patent
Secchiari Columbian Luxury Top Tall Boots – Black Patent

Not only can you design your dream boot, it will be fully custom for you. We are not talking about the semi-custom boots that other outlets offer. Say if your left foot or calf is different than the right. That will be accommodated for in the custom boots.

What Is Next?

If you are serious about custom boots, just fill out the form below. We will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for measurement.

The process is simple:

  1. Make an appointment for measurement
  2. Show up to the appointment
  3. Design your boots (we will help you with every step, so it is not overwhelming)
  4. Wait 4-6 weeks
  5. Ride in your custom boots


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Lotus Romeo Custom Dressage Shadbelly – Realize your dream tailcoat

Lotus Romeo Elegant Burgundy Dressage Shadbelly - Front View

Custom Show Coats  (Fully Personalized and Tailored) by Lotus Romeo

The term “custom show coats” gets thrown around quite loosely. Often times, it means you get a handful of choices for changing the color of the jacket, the collar and buttons etc. While many other brands will offer a “Customization” option, it is usually limited to just a handful of choices that do not affect the styling of the jacket as much as the colors.

A few years ago, we noticed that our customers demanded more flexibility for design options. They did not want to be limited to just 2 styles and 5 colors. They want to mix and match style elements along with different options for buttons, trims, collars and lapels. In other words, customers are increasingly looking to personalize their look. What good is a “custom” jacket if every other rider has the same jacket?

We are thankful to our customers for guiding us in introducing a beautiful line of fully personalized show jackets: Lotus Romeo. This is a brand whose owner’s artistic forte guides her philosophy for the brand “The Art of Unforgettable Style“. Eva Szekely, the owner of Lotus Romeo truly believes in this mantra. The idea is to create a unique jacket for everyone. Personalized Show Clothing should not be un-affordable either.

In late 2016, we introduced Lotus Romeo in a limited launch at the store location. What started as a small bespoke line of show jackets, has now blossomed into a very expansive line of short jackets, hunter shad tailcoat, dressage shads and show shirts.

During the 2 weeks at WEG in #tryon2018, you will have the opportunity to see these jackets up close. You can try them to get a general sense of the overall fit and quality. From all the feedback we have been gathering, Lotus Romeo jackets are being very favorably in terms of styling, quality and comfort compared to offerings from the other bigger brands. In fact, the ironic part is that these “bigger” brands have now started copying the Lotus Romeo model in a desperate effort to catch up.

Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly “Natasha” from Lotus Romeo (fully configurable and custom)

Natasha – This is the original dressage shadbelly from Lotus Romeo. It remains one of the most popular options to date. With a look that combines the classic with modern, this shadbelly can be configured in a variety of ways.

Natasha Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly - Front View
Natasha Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly – Front View

Natasha Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly - Back View
Natasha Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly – Back View

Dressage Tailcoat Shadbelly “Elegant” by Lotus Romeo (fully customizable and tailored)

Yet another beautiful shad that lives up to its aptly titled model name  “Elegant”. With this shad, you can optionally design a bow at the back. The Burgundy color shown below is a new limited edition color.

Lotus Romeo Elegant Burgundy Dressage Shadbelly - Back View
Lotus Romeo Elegant Burgundy Dressage Shadbelly – Back View (shown with Bow)

What Is Included

This is what you get in the Fully Customized Dressage Shadbelly by Lotus Romeo


  • Base Colors: Black, Navy, Burgundy, Grey and Brown
  • Collar Color: 30+ Colors (including Satin and Leather)
  • Collar Piping: 30+ Colors
  • Cuff Color: 30+ Colors
  • Waist Piping: 30+ Colors
  • Buttons: 6 Styles

Mix And Match Styles

Say you like the style of the Natasha but want to add elements from the Elegant model? With the new Deluxe Mix and Match service, you can do that too! Nothing is out of reach anymore. Unlike the other brands, you are not boxed in to just 4 options.


Optionally, a 4 point tailoring adjustment is included as well. This covers:

  • Length Adjustment
  • Sleeve Length Adjustment
  • Shoulders Adjustment
  • Waist Adjustment


Are you ready to design your own dream shadbelly? Wait no more. Click on the button below to get started.

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Top Ten Equestrian Holiday Gifts for 2017

In keeping with our annual holiday tradition, we are pleased to present the 3rd successive version of this list. The list contains ideas for gift giving for this holiday season. We pride ourselves on bringing the most innovative products (whether it be helmets, spurs, clothing, boots or other riding gear). There are ideas for both male and female riders. We hope this list will help you determine just the right gift for your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other.

Here is the list (in no specific order) :

1 Miss Shield Shadow Matt Helmet by Samshield

This helmet was widely anticipated at the beginning of the last season. As with all things Samshield, this is another beautiful helmet. It has been received extremely well both here in the US and in Europe. You can read about why the Miss Shield is a clear choice for those wanting a wide visor helmet.

Miss Shield Shadow Matt - Black
Miss Shield Shadow Matt – Black

To top it all, the Miss Shield is available in a variety of different styles and options, just like all other Samshield helmets. You can also design your own custom Miss Shield.

Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top Helmet - Navy Blue
Samshield Miss Shield Shimmer Top Helmet – Navy Blue

Presenting Miss Shield, Samshield’s wide brim helmet

2 Push Up Show Jumping Breeches by For Horses

These pants have quickly ascended to the top of the bestseller list. Not without reason! These pants are so stylish  (thanks to the generous “push up” effect) and comfortable, that the other brands have now released their own “push-up” and “shape-up” breeches.  However, these original pants continue to be extremely popular with both the show jumping as well as the dressage crowd.

Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches in Beige - Side View
Ladies Push Up Show Jumping Breeches in Beige – Side View


FH Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches - Misti in Navy
FH Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches – Misti in Navy

For Horses “FH” : A revolution in riding breeches

3. Ladies Lightweight show jumping breeches “Remie”

These pants are the most widely used riding breeches across disciplines. Whether it be show jumping, hunters or equitation, these pants are popular mostly part because of their simplicity.

FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches "Remie" - Beige - Back View
FH Ladies Lightweight Show Jumping Breeches “Remie” – Beige – Back View

The full seat version of these breeches has just arrived as well!

FH Light Weight Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches "Remie" - Navy
FH Light Weight Ladies Dressage Full Seat Breeches “Remie” – Navy


4. Freejump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Pro

If you have ever wanted to go with a safe gift, this is absolutely a great choice. Who does not like Freejump Stirrups? Give the gift of safety to your riding friends and family. They will thank you in more ways than one.  Better still, if they already have these stirrups, you can always buy them a new pair in the new Premium Colors: Gold, Bronze, Bordeaux, All Chocolate.

Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro - Bronze
Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro – Bronze

5. Freejump Safety Stirrups Soft Up Classic

We are very excited about this new product from Freejump. It is a new take on their wildly popular Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Pro.

Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Classic - Red
Freejump Stirrups Soft Up Classic – Red

6. Kingsland Unisex Classic Riding Gloves

These gloves have been around for a while. Always a reliable staple, you just can not go wrong with gifting these gloves. At $79.95, they are fairly inexpensive and make an excellent stocking stuffer.

7. Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle by Schockemoehle Sports

If there was a competition among anatomic bridles, the Equitus Alpha would emerge as a clear winner. With a designed from the grounds up approach, this bridle is popular among both dressage and show jumping riders. The idea is that if your bridle avoids all the pain points on the horse’s ears, neck and head, it will perform at its fullest potential.

If your friend/family member likes tack that is technical without being too overtly complicated, this bridle delivers.

Equitus Alpha : Why it is the favorite anatomic bridle for 2017.

Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle - Explanation of how it works
Schockemoehle Sports Equitus Alpha Anatomic Bridle – Explanation of how it works

8. Flex On Interchangeable Spurs (no spur straps required)

Yes, you read that right. These new spurs from Flex On do not require any spur straps. This comes in handy for those in your family/friend circle with a big collection of spurs. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Flex On Eper On Interchangeable Spur - Blue
Flex On Eper On Interchangeable Spur – Blue

Read about Flex On Spurs

9 Custom Show Jacket by Lotus Romeo

This creative brand of riding apparel promises to make you “unforgettable” in the ring. True to its mission, these jackets are designed for making you look different and elegant at the same time. Your look is classic and modern at the same time. Best of all, our customers are delighted by the fabric used by Lotus Romeo. It is even lighter than that of the Big 3 brands, with more structure and better flexibility.

Lotus Romeo Double Leather Collar Show Jacket in Black with Gold Piping
Lotus Romeo Double Leather Collar Show Jacket in Black with Gold Piping

This is a no-brainer for your picky friend/family member that strives to stand out from the crowd.

The Art of Unforgettable Style 

10 Long Sleeve Show Shirt for Ladies “Adelaide” by Schockemoehle Sports

Have you ever wanted a classic looking, UV protected shirt that you can wear in any ring. The Adelaide is a no-frills long sleeve shirt made from highly breathable technical fabric that has UV protection built-in.


Schockemoehle Sports Long Sleeves Show Shirt with UV - Adelaide
Schockemoehle Sports Long Sleeves Show Shirt with UV – Adelaide

11. Custom Riding Boots by Tucci

If your significant other is picky and you are unsure of what to get them, the Custom Riding Boots by Tucci would make a loving gift. All you have to do is call us to setup an appointment for your friend/spouse/girlfriend and we will take care of the rest. The boots are fully customizable offering a unique look for everyone. The measurement process takes about 1 hour. The boots take about 6 to 8 weeks from order to delivery. The final product is spectacular and beats everyone’s expectations.

If you are still on the fence about these boots, read on.

Navy Crocodile Polo Tucci Boots
Navy Crocodile Polo Tucci Boots

12 CamBox – Under the visor discreet wireless camera for your helmet

For your friends that love gadgets, the CamBox HD camera makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. The camera is discreet, comes in several colors, stores about 2 hours of HD recording. And that includes audio as well!! We are impressed by the quality of the recordings.

Riders love being able to watch and share their riding experience. This one is a no-brainer.

Cambox ISI2 Black shown on rider
Cambox ISI2 Black shown on rider

13 Flex On Hunter Stirrups : For your hunter friends

So there is finally a shock absorbing stirrup that looks like a traditional hunter stirrup. It has all the advantages of its jumper cousin, but without the flashy look and design. For those of you with any kind of knee, ankle or back pain, this stirrup works like magic. Yes, that is what our customers claim after riding in these stirrups. The inclined foot board helps keep your heel down. The eye for leathers is offset to allow proper positioning. Flex On Hunter Stirrups are designed exclusively for use in the hunter ring.

The best part of the stirrups is the ability of shock absorption. There is not another stirrup in the market with this unique proposition. If you are unsure about these stirrups, give us a call. The stirrups are available on a no-obligation trial for 2 weeks.


Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Hunter Stirrups
Flex On Shock Absorbing Aluminium Hunter Stirrups

14 Lemieux Rider Boot Bag – For the rider that has everything

A new boot bag designed from the grounds-up. The LeMieux Rider Boot Bag will make an ideal gift for any rider. It is an economical gift too! It packs plenty of storage compartments, along with a padded interior to keep the boots in place.

Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy
Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy

Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy - Bottom Storage
Lemieux Boot Bag in Navy – Bottom Storage


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