2019 Update: Stirrups for Show Jumping

Alfa Jump Stirrups with Smiley Inclined Spikes Soleplate - Brilliant Aluminium

It has been a while since we introduced some new and exciting stirrups to our already eclectic and vast selection of stirrups. So this year, we have brought in some novel stirrups. Samshield Safety Stirrups ShieldR’Up Tech Stirrups Flex On Safe-On Safety Stirrups Alfa Jump Configurable Stirrups MOS Stirrups Samshield Safety Stirrups ShieldR’Up There is …

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Spur to a new level with Flex On Interchangeable Spurs “No Spur Straps Needed”!

Flex On Eper On Interchangeable Spur - Blue

We have all observed the evolution of spurs over the last 2 years. The interchangeable spurs have made a big splash on the riding circuit. These spurs allow the rider to not carry a multitude of individual spurs for different horses. Instead, the interchangeable spur ends provide all the spurs you need. With different spur-ends, …

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Equestrian Wish List for the Holidays – 2016: Top Ten Gift Ideas

Samshield Groom Bag Iconpack in Brown

The holidays are here! As part of our annual tradition of the holiday shopping list, here is our selection  for 2016. Please note that all these items are new from this season. We pride ourselves on bringing you the trendiest (and most useful) gift ideas. So without further ado, here is the full list. We …

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Shock Absorber Stirrup Irons

Horse Riding (and show jumping in particular) imposes a lot of stress on the body. Show jumping is an action sport, utilizing multiple parts of the body working in concert. There are lots of pressure points within the horse and rider combination. One of the more important pressure points is the rider’s feet (and legs, …

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