KASK Equestrian Helmets: What’s New for 2020?

KASK Equestrian continues on its quest to become the top choice for equestrians. Towards that goal, KASK is steadily making improvements to its line of existing helmets as well as introducing new models/designs that customers have been requesting.

KASK has already established a solid place in the equestrian helmet space in a relatively short time. By our estimates, it is in the top 3 brands for equestrian helmets. Given that the KASK Equestrian brand is only 5 years old, this is huge. Not only is the brand gained strong momentum, the products continue to shine. KASK is bringing their deep safety expertise to the equestrian helmet space.

Shine and Gloss (with Chrome)

The Pure Shine series of KASK Equestrian is new addition to the lineup. Pretty much both the Dogma Chrome Light and Dogma Star Lady helmet models now have their shiny cousins. Although underneath the shell, they are the same helmets, the look of the shiny vs. matte helmets is completely different. We are noticing a big wave of excitement towards the shiny helmets.

Rose Gold “EveryRose” Pink Gold (Limited Edition Trim)

Yes, it is that popular! The Rose Gold aka Pink Gold aka EveryRose is a special trim on all KASK Helmets. The exclusive “EveryRose” collection features the same KASK Helmets, but with a Rose Gold Trim. Whether it be Navy or Black, the Rose Gold trim adds another level of elegance and style to an already gorgeous helmet.

While these helmets are custom and take 8-10 weeks from order to delivery, your favorite tack store has them in stock. See below and check what is your favorite helmet. There is a helmet here for everyone, whether you do dressage or show jumping or both.

Larger Sizes For Star Lady coming soon!

For those of you that love the Star Lady Wide Brim Helmets from KASK but can not fit in the existing sizes (Sizes 6 1/2 through 7 3/8), there is great news!

In late February 2020, KASK plans to release the larger sizes in the Dogma Star Lady Wide Brim Helmet series. These new sizes cover 7 1/2 through 7 7/8. In EU terminology, that means sizes 60 through 63.

Note that this is not entirely new. When KASK first entered the equestrian scene, they did make these sizes in the Wide Brim helmets. However, due to lack of demand, they stopped producing these sizes soon after. With much persuasion from us, they have finally agreed to re-introduce these sizes.

We are quite excited about these larger sizes as we have had requests from customers. In fact, you can place your pre-orders for these new sizes in all the different models of the Dogma Star Lady Wide Brim helmet.


So this the recap for what is new and exciting from KASK for the upcoming/current season. Do you own a KASK Helmet? As always, we want to hear from you. Leave us a comment below. What do you like about your helmet? If not, do you have any questions? We love to help, so please do not hesitate to ask. Questions/comments are always welcome.

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